1. POPM

    POPM New Member

    Hello guys,

    I've just created an online shop with Wordpress + Woocomerce. I need some kind of payment gateway that accepts Visa/MasterCard.

    I'm going to setup a Seychelles/Belize/Hong Kong company (since some clients would ask for invoices). On the other hand I dont know if to get some offshore banking account or somekind of wallet that accepts Visa/Mastercard payments from WooComerme.

    What do you recommend guys? am i getting too wrong?

    Thank you very much
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  2. lostguy

    lostguy Active Member Entrepreneur

    Since you are looking into offshore jurisdictions which are not supported by PayPal nor 2checkout it's going to be complicated. HK company may work for you, but with the costs to setup a HK company I would rather look into a Cyprus company!
  3. predator

    predator Member Entrepreneur

    Most people from Chian and Japan setup Seychelles corps when they consider to take their business offshore!
  4. bountymounty

    bountymounty Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    Check with 2co which offshore jurisdiction they accept (if any) so you can decide where you want to incorporate your business!
  5. predator

    predator Member Entrepreneur

    OP what did you setup? I'm looking into Seychelles now.
  6. Admin

    Admin Forum Moderator The Forum Cleaner

    You may open a UK company with a UK Merchant account, it seems to be much easier for this purpose compared to other offshore jurisdictions.
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  7. bountymounty

    bountymounty Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    how is that easy? just wondering :)
  8. blizz

    blizz Trusted Member Mentor Group Business Angel

    OP how did you setup your business?