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Dear friends

We are a crypto OTC Trading Desk based in the UK. We do operate with several exchanges as Multi-Family Office under institutional accounts. We do broker buys and sales against invoice(s). Most of our client's trade USDC/USDT/BTC/ETH. Our maximum volume per day possible is 2M EUR. And we trade 6M USD per month approximately. We use several EMIs crypto-friendly in the UK, serving SEPA and SWIFT. We process EUR/USD/GBP, and as long you have instant transfers, we can serve in real-time any transaction below 500K and by 15Min any transaction bigger. We write contracts along with invoices, and we process only legitimate transactions. Avoiding you to navigate with pains and troubles of EMIs and accounts limits. Our fees range from 2 to 5%, depending on the transaction complexity. We deliver to any non-OFAC Country purchases and sales (We can sell your cryptos and pay, or we can buy cryptos for you to be clear). We are very business-friendly and flexible in terms of the KYC AML approach.

We are happy to disclose further details and our CIS (Company Information Sheet) and "who we are" in the event we are set to conduct business. You can reach us at [email protected]. Most of our clients are private investors/ Family Offices and some funds that do not want to deal with the hassle of purchasing crypto and prefer to rely on a trustable desk. I thought of posting this after reading about all the problems and limitations that most members have to navigate to purchase their crypto assets. Here to help, feel free to PM.
Offshore Bank Accounts
Offshore Bank Accounts
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