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    Time is literally money when it comes to your website's site speed. One potential way to make your website faster involves your server’s physical location near your target market. Apart from that, the location/datacenter where your website is hosted might be needed from the local regulator (that is mainly the case for companies in the forex, betting and banking industries) where your company is incorporated.

    SEO Services
    Our highly experienced, talented and versatile team will ensure that your website is strategically optimized to gain the best possible results, by increasing your organic search engine rankings, improving your conversion rates, maximiing your visitor retention, managing your online marketing effectively and building up a steady flow of targeted traffic.

    We only undertake a handful of SEO projects per time as we want our people to have a long-term focus and commitment to our clients and their projects.

    Hosting Services
    Our experienced hosting sales team can advise you for free about the type of hosting you need, depending on your company's activities, the industry and the jurisdiction of incorporation. We offer a wide range of hosting services based in Cyprus and Malta such as: cPanel Shared Web Hosting, VPS and VPN, Dedicated Servers, Colocation, DID Numbers (SIP and Forwarding), Domain Registration (.com.cy , .com.mt) and SSL Certificates.

    For any further assistance please feel free to contact our 24/7 Customer Care team at:

    E-mail: sales [at] netshop-isp.com.cy
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    Ok, Got It, How much important hosting in SEO, please share your view ?
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    Hi Jessica,

    We can drill down all the important aspects of SEO and search engines ranking factors but that will take ages of discussion (we can start if you wish :).

    I can focus on two which are related to hosting, that of the website speed and the locality. Wouldn't you agree that a website, lets say serving the Dutch market, shouldn't be hosted in a hosting provider in the US?
    I could take it a bit further to discuss about having a gTLD pointing to your website, based on your visitor's location and browser language as well.

    Let me know your thoughts; this can be actually the start of a very long yet productive conversation.