Reliable host for running e-commerce sites?


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Looking for any suggestions on these needs:
- Disk space - 100 GB
- Bandwidth - 2TB
- DDos protection
I would like to know your views on , , and Linux VPS hosting plans?
How stable is this host for running e-commerce sites? Any info about them? What host would you rather choose?


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Entrepreneur and can be good for you.
Their reputation precedes them and they live up to all the positive words I heard before I signed on. Like these companies a lot.


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I think provider fits in all of these well. That’s way they are really good.
I am completely satisfied with their service of this web hosting company. Nice, comfortable people to work with.


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Accounts which and provide can be good for meeting all your needs.
All the components are perfectly matched, they harmonize with each other without any performance losses. These are ideal conditions for reliable server operations , optimal security and the highest availability.


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Great host! Been a customer since Dec.2018. There was a short time that lasted for a few hours as the hard drive was being replaced due to failure. Overall I am very pleased with the support I have received. Any questions I have ever asked are answered very quickly and professionally.


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Have a look at deals from and as their plans are full-featured and low cost.
To me, main things which differentiate between top hosting companies and average service provider are :-
- Experience
- Good Servers
Low Cost
- Simple Hosting Panels
- Speedy Support
I think these hosts fit in all of these well.


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I can give DOUBLE THUMBS UP! Stable, reliable service at a great price.
They also offer great tools, easy to use with intuitive video training available.


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I think that the price and the provider will depend on the server location you are looking for. If that is USA then I can recommend you to have a look at If that is Europe, so in this case that would be better to have a look at


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No doubt, is a great web host. Low price barrier to entry and high end support, that's the whole hosting package from one provider!
They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla).


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VPS accounts from and are the best.
Best thing about them is the Instant activation ans their tech support. The chat feature enables me to clear all my queries.

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