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Well, is by far the best I have ever used.
Highly recommend to all webmasters looking for Drupal, Wordpress, OS-commerce, Joomla hosting at good rates.


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What I want to say is that everything works fine with this decent host. The people on the site are so helpful. Highly recommend OpenVZ hosting!


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I will also be adding another domain in the future.
I would recommend site to anyone, without reservation.
Site is always up and their servers are never down.


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Both companies - and - are solid and trustworthy.
They provide rapid response to any queries and accurate information. All members of their team are always friendly and helpful.


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I am still very happy with Hosting Services. Uptime is great as promised (99.9%). I like the speed of upload of my pages. Everything works fine.


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Use plans from and as they are proven to be the best.
Ultra fast response time, and no set up fees. Plus I think their monthly fees are unbeatable.


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I am always surprised about threads asking for the best plan from 2 companies.
Plan for what? Hosting a basic website? Getting a virtual or physical server? What are you planning to run?

For basic website hosting I would recommend a host with cpanel on a shared space offered by a provider.

Forget about Windows. I find it laughable some companies like the ones mentioned are still offering Windows 2008 Server 2019.

Now if plan to run a demanding ecommerce website, forget about shared hosting. Use a VPS or physical server. But VPS being virtual servers, you can increase specs as you need (price will go up too, but this is a more sensible and flexible approach).

Some ecommerce website such as Prestashop are quiet demanding resource wise.

Now if your strength is with marketing/sales/business, rather than information technology, I would strongly recommend you to use a platform such a Shopify (still talking about ecommerce), as everything can be setup quickly and easily. Building your own host and installing and configuring and securing Wordpress is time consuming and will take your focus away from making sales. Wordpress is popular yes. Yes it is not too bad to install and produce a half decent website, but there is a lot of customisation and security to put in place. Simply because of the box, a wordpress website is as easy to hack that leaving your car running at the supermarket with the key in the ignition and letting the engine running with big signs highlighting the fact the car is free to go to anyone that take it: -)

Anyways, there is just so much more in website hosting than paying for hosting and choosing a decent hosting company.

My 2 cents