Satchelpay any feedback?

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    Beware ! Satchelpay is owned by the same guy (Nadav Bensoussan) behind FIDUSUISSE OFFSHORE, DBSB, and the fake online bank Breder Suasso. They stole millions of euros from french citizens on a very elaborate exit scam. He's also the same guy behind Rietumu's fiasco

    Satchelpay is their new exit scam.

    Read:Company Creation à Chypre – à éviter!
    Breder Suasso est noté «Mauvais » avec 2,5 / 10 sur Trustpilot
    Fidusuisse Offshore est noté «Mauvais » avec 1,6 / 10 sur Trustpilot
    7 ans de prison requis contre Nadav Bensoussan, le fondateur de France Offshore > Warning Trading
    Latvian Bank Fined Heavily Over Laundering Scheme in France

    Please warn everyone
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  3. Bmw850

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    If it's really him, you made well to inform here, because it's a well bunch of scammers, but how did you find out?
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    I got interested after someone mentioned Satchelpay here in the EMI thread months ago, and I ended up finding all this. Since I'm speaking french, I spent hours on french banking forums reading about the story. It's all from google.
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    Ok no pro.. you save me to loose money for sure fin4774"
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    Do you have any evidence of Nadav Bensoussan being in a managerial or shareholder postition? Just the similarity of a login interface could be an indicator but it's not quite enough. Some companies create CMS solutions particularly for banks and license the software to many institutions.

    According to recent report, CEO of SatchelPay is Thomas Jackson, full name Thomas Noel Collister Jackson. Ref: ONPEX cross-border payment services for SatchelPay

    In any case, it's just an EMI, priced as if it were a proper bank. Even if legit, nothing interesting in terms of their services that would make them worth the fees.
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    Thanks for the reviews!
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    What's the problem with Vialet? I am trying to pass compliance for almost 2 months. Very slow answers from them.

    As to SatchelPay. Previously they have FCA license and was registered in UK.
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    Baltikums nai¤% let s stay away
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    They use Blue Orange only for SWIFT payments.
  11. Lejla

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    So, is Bilderlings ok? Is Blue Orange Bank ok? Please
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    Bilderlings an BlueOrange (Baltikums) is NOT OK, dont make any business with Latvian banks or EMI.
    SatchelPay, Vialet, Bilderlings, DECTA all with Latvian profile!
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    Ok. Thank you! Can you please elaborate a little bit!