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Selling a Company


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Hello my friends! I hope you are doing alright during xmas shopping frenzy.
What actions are required if a person want to sell a fully functional company (I am not sure if I can give more details here, because I don't want to be accused of making free ads). My main goal is to get some insights on the selling process. For example, should I do some due dil. on the potential buyer ? Am I legally responsible if I sold my company to a "wrongdoer" ? What are the first required steps if someone wants to sell a (UK) company ? Is maybe cheaper to wind down the company because there might be some hidden costs?


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You want to consult some professional firm to help you. It's most often the opposite people have to worry about. What about liabilities the company may have and what has been the activity of the company in the past... any criminal activity and so on.

So as mentioned already contact some professional to help you!
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