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Dear OffshoreCorpTalk Community,

My name is Romain Brabant, a French webpreneur based in The Bahamas since 2009.
I'm currently doing a soft launch of a new project: SEOBUDDY

With SEOBUDDY, I'm trying to scratch my own itch.
For those interested by the back story, I wrote a lengthy post about why we built SEOBUDDY

SEOBUDDY aim to make SEO & Content Marketing easy for businesses of all sizes.
To achieve this goal, we built a SaaS (Software as a Service) that will create a backlog of short (< 20 minutes) daily SEO Tasks automatically tailored to your business, that your team can execute at their own pace.

We are not an SEO Agency or Guest Posting Agency.
SEOBUDDY is a web-based software that will empower you and your team to take control of your SEO, at a fair price.

Our core feature at the launch of our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will be "Analyst Task" to help you find:

- New performing content ideas,
- New relevant backlink opportunities,
- New competitors,

I'm actively looking for Prospective User to interview for the soft launch of our MVP.
If you are interested to learn more about our product, please go to seobuddy website and sign-up with E-mail, Slack, or Google (sign-in with Facebook not ready yet).

You will receive in less than 24 Hours an invitation to an optional video call so you can ask me anything, or have a product tour.

Best Regards,
Romain Brabant
CEO & Founder at SEOBUDDY


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I may make use of your service in the future thu&¤#
I'll be there, in the meantime if you have time to do an interview with me it would be awesome.
If you do have time, please register using the link in my previous post so I can send you an invitation.