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    I got scammed forming a company with SFM-OFFSHORE: Offshore Company Registration - Incorporation Offshore Companies | SFM Offshore They're a HUGE big scam with a lot of money to persuading people with a agressive marketing strategie and they hide their ass probably behind a fucking trust or fundation. After you pay by creditcard they simply ignore you and when finally answer after you send several messages they will ask more and more documents and money. I honestly don't know why they don't delivery the product people pay for it. 100% scam in my experience, stay away from these guys!
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    Did they just scammed you? What was the deal if you don't mind me to ask?
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    *After I found theyr support is terrible, ignoring me, I just ask for refund and they simply sent a letter from their legal department saying they don't offer
    I simply paid for a Cyprus company setup and after payment they sent one message only, asking for documents, after this I sent several messages and no answer from them. I asked for refund because the bad service and support and a got a message from their "legal department" saying they can't offer refund, maybe "only a part of it, as cortesy" pure joke and a typical scammer excuse!
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    Yeah that's what most of these shady services do. I feel sorry for your lost. Hopefully you don't enter into such again. I don't understand why they just refund the money! unless they already started the process and paid government fees or something it is stupid.
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    I forgot to say I also requested a chargeback to my bank, I filled a form and fraud department have 45 days to evaluate the situation. After the evidences I provided I have 90% hope the bank will refund the transaction mostly because is a high amount and they not delivered the product I paid for. Thanks for your interest and support.
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    Ahh you paid by credit card.. that's good it give you a good chance to get your money back. The banks most often accept to refund the cardholder on complains.
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    Thank you. I was close to buy from them ban-:;
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    I found this company yesterday and that's why I found this forum. I'm so thankful to this forum and members that they posting about it and are helpful. thank you, thank you thu&¤#
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    Sorry to hear about your experience with this company. Hope you get it all sorted out.
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    Thanks for your attention Admin. I will post here as soon I have an update...
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    Thank you for the update.. it is important to know if we have a black sheep around ;)
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    I encourage people who paid by credit card to ask for refund/chargeback to their bank's fraud department, in 90% of cases the banks return the money to your credit card but it take some time, around 30-45 days. I will update here as soon I receive my money back.
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    Thanks guys you safed me lots of headache and money already!
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    Glad i found this place.
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    Sounds like a horrible experience for you OP. That's how things can go sometimes if there isn't done proper due diligence and you don't look for reviews about a certain agent. A website does not say much if it just is professional!
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    This is a great post. I considered them for my next offshore corp i.e. Scottish LP and Irish company but I'm quickly moving on to the next service provider.