Shopify payment gateway for a seychelles setup

Discussion in 'Make Money Online' started by wachu, Jun 2, 2017.

  1. wachu

    wachu New Member


    I have a shopify store and i plan to have a seychelle company.
    Do you know if there is (other than paypal) any payment gateway that accept seychelle ?

    Thank you :)
  2. Admin

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    You can check 2checkout, they may work with it.. I don't know check stripe.com and their list too.
  3. wachu

    wachu New Member

    2CO have no problem with a company in seychelle ?

    It's written on their website that they accept it but if not i don't want to get my website flagged if i try to register with another company.
  4. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    I confirm that 2co accepts Seychelles company with a Leupay Business account and a good website.
    The important thing is the website (products and/or services). thu&¤#
  5. wachu

    wachu New Member

    Hummm i receive this answer from 2co :

    Thanks for the note.
    2Checkout no longer operates in the Seychelles.
    Good luck in all future business ventures.
    Senior Account Executive - 2Checkout
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  6. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Email received today?
    I can contact my last customer with Seychelles + Leupay + 2co for a review.

    You can change jurisdiction for the company.
  7. wachu

    wachu New Member

    Yes email received yesterday from them :/

    And it seem harder and harder to find a gateway that accept this kind of country...
  8. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Thank you for reply.
    My customer has changed country, but I don't know about the problem between Seychelles and 2co. thu&¤#
  9. Brutus

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    @wachu did you find a working gateway?
  10. wachu

    wachu New Member

    nop nothing and no clue :-(
  11. auric

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    Why not simply incorporate a company for instant in St Kitts and open an 2co account? !!