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Starting a Clothing Catalog Business

1)Determine whether your catalog will be available in print, online or both. Unless you have enough capital on hand to pay for printing, binding and distributing to new and existing customers, you are probably better off designing a catalog that shoppers can access electronically. An online catalog can be available at all times, you can update the content and prices easily, and you can display as much clothing as you'd like on each online "page."

2)cide on your catalog's overall look. Whether you run a home-based business selling custom designs you create yourself or a shop that sells clothing produced by someone else, embrace consistency in your layout, color, font and tone (e.g., classic, whimsical or vintage). This depends, of course, on the style of merchandise and the audience you intend to attract. You should present a young women's sportswear line, for instance, in a much different way than a catalog that showcases Victorian evening gowns.

3)study catalogs. Note the layouts that are the most appealing and show off the merchandise to best advantage. Pay particular attention to the backgrounds (e.g., nature, architecture, streets) and whether they are a distraction or an enhancement. Also note the various props that appear in catalog advertising. For instance, would you be more likely to buy a winter robe if the model had a cute puppy on her lap in front of a fire? Please see "Resources" for more ideas and tips for innovative layouts.

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