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    Today i received my report with 5 blog posts and i'm really happy with the overall quality of them.

    The blogs look legit, 2 with general topics and 3 niche related.

    All the blogs were aged (2 to 5 years), ranging from PR2 to PR4 with average DA:26 and PA:28. I also looked at their backlink profiles and they are spam free with aged naturally gained links.

    The quality of the blog posts themselves are excellent, with unique well written and researched articles with a couple of related photos. All indexed really quick which is always a great sign.

    Regarding serp movements, both my keywords that were already top 5 went up 1 and 2 spots which is great with only 5 posts.

    I definitly recommend this Blog Post service provided by iDeserved to everybody that needs quality links for their Moneysites.

    Personally we tried this service for one of our websites, it indeed imrpoved our ranking, great service for the money.