This is how I make 200$ a day


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For every sale you make you will get 5$, that means, if you show your affiliate link to 100000 people and 100 of them buy, than you make 500$, there will be two methods to make this below.

First method, 0$ investment:
1)First step is to make an account at: Create an Account
2)Now get you affiliate link here: Affiliate Offer: 200$ per day tutorial , click on "Request Approval",after that you will see "Your affiliate link is:..." that will be your link.
3)You will need traffic so you will need to sign up on a lot of ptc sites(paid to click), I recommend signing up on the following sites from this site What are the best PTC / Paid To Click ? , register on the top 10-20 sites.
4)Now you need to put in some effort, and by that I mean you need to make clicks and complete offers and get some money, even 1-2$ on each site will be great.
5)Now time to advertise your affiliate link, buy banner impressions(you can find banners at the bottom of this page), buy clicks, buy any kind of advertising that you can afford with the little money that you made.
6)Share the link everywhere you can, you can even use traffic exchange sites, make posts, blogs etc.

Second method, invest 5-20$:
-This method require the same steps as in the first method but now instead of working hard and long to make some little money for advertising, you will now invest 5, 10, or even 20$, why you should do this?, because it will get more traffic, that means you will make money faster, if you think 20$ is a lot, or it will be a waste, don't worry, with 20$ you could buy 300000 views, or even more, and if from those visitors 300 or more buy, than you could get 1500$(always calculate that 0.1% of visitors will buy), now 20$ doesn't seem so much am I right?, find the most popular site to advertise on, but be careful, just because you can buy a few million views for the same price, it doesn't mean that is a good source of traffic, if you have doubts about a site I recommend reading it's reviews here NetBusinessRating : Sites & Apps Social Comparator
-Now that you are willing to invest some money, you are not limited to only ptc sites and just sharing online, you can now buy some advertising on advertising networks, you can find the best here: What are the best advertising networks ? , I recommend not choosing the most expensive one, but rather try to find advertising sites that offer a lot of UNIQUE visitors for low price.

It's important to make this on as many sites as possible, this way you will have a bigger number of different people visiting the link.




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Do you have something to make 200.000 usd a day ?;)


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I need a solution to make at least 30.000 per month can your solution do that OP ?