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I need to confess I'm not an expert in this matter so maybe some of you might help me.

A group of people, living in a European country, would like to open their activity as Travel Agent.

Unfortunately, in this specific country, you need a long list of autorizations, licenses and also a physical office.

I'm wondering if there's any specific solution on how to avoid all this by registering a specific company somewhere in the world (maybe even within Europe) and be an online Travel Agent, with an easy registation process (if absolutely needed) and no need to have a physical office.

Any idea or suggestion would be really appreciated.



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There are quite a few of these online travel agencies you can pay like $200-500 for & they set you up with your own site.

I can't remember if everyone who owns their own site pools with everyone else as far as data goes, but I was approached by a few people to start this site a few years ago.

Did you do a search for this online?

This market is very saturated. Why do you want to get into it?



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Hi Michelle.

Thanks for your feedback.

It was one of the options that my customers was looking at but they are not interested.

They are already working in the travel field and would like to start this now on their own.

Unfortunately, in the place they live, the licenses are required.

As workaround i've been looking at Delaware LLC as they are not asking for any specific licenses but not sure is a good option.

Thanks for you reply.



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Hi there,

Not a problem.

So they are in the US?

What's their aversion to the option I mentioned? Are they planning on building a system online from scratch? I can see that costing a pretty penny. Or this was just an issue with licensing, not the website application? Unfortunately this is a lot of competition, but a lot of consumers have issues with these sites (including me & I don't even travel, but every time I've deal with a site there's been issues.

If they can start a site that is streamlined, is run by professionals & not call centers overseas, they may have a fighting chance :)

Yeh my guy does licensing. A lot of people register in Delaware.



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The most important thing is connected to the basis for your travel agent company. If you are looking for the ready one, you can just buy it. If you want to develop anything like this one , you can just make a research on their activities. Because a lot of customers, including me, are satisfied with their services. And African travelings are only on their efforts, as for me.

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