UK and Ireland targeting advertising companies

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    If you write advertorials and live on affiliate programs, i think you should avoid Ireland and UK.
    In those two countries, they have build up brand new authorities to target advertising companies.
    If you are online, you are likely to make money out of affiliate programs, or you may sell ad spaces... Then, you are on their radar.
    In Ireland, It is called the advertising standard authority for Ireland
    In the UK, it is called ASA, advertising standards authority. In both of those countries, they get paid from sales of advertising. I Don't know if it is mandatory.

    Years after years, they look more and more like an law enforcement authority.
    For instance, in Ireland, Irish bloggers must now tell their fans when they have been paid to promote a product

    It does not look important but in the future, if there are more and more regulations like this one, it is going to be the soviet union. i don't know right now if advertising companies have to get registered but what i would like to say, the little blogger who earn 3000 euros a year / 3000 pounds a year is going to be forced to follow a code of conduct, and will have to pay an additional fee, register and all that stuff which imply more bureaucracy.
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    Yeah the world is going crazy, in many EU countries it is already so for instant in Sweden and Denmark.