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Discussion in 'Hosting Offshore' started by Kashka, Oct 22, 2018.

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    You may notice many different kinds of web hosting companies and all of them are top of their quality.

    I consider Rockhoster.com , Liquidweb.com and Cloudarion.com to be good web hosts for purchasing VPS hosting accounts at good rates.
    Take your time to compare them and choose the best one.
  3. kwizin

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    Have a look at VPS deals from libertyvps.net and hostsailor.com.
    The Support team at them is really very cooperative & active 24/7.
    Their uptime is impressive, and my sites never go down.
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    Choose a host who understands your specific needs, and who can sit down with you and talk about what your needs are, and how that host can accommodate for those needs.

    Exmasters.com is great. They have been the best host i have ever been with and i have been with quite a few when i have problems they are always there to help always friendly and useful and the services that they offer are really high quality.
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    Check out VPS accounts from libertyvps.net and hosting.uk.
    They have a well earned reputation, which means they have lots of good reviews here on WHT which made you feel comfortable in choosing them.
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    I can draw your attention to Aspnix.com vps hosting accounts. They offer Linux and Windows hosting solutions at good rates.
    Based on the number of positive reviews from users who have been with them for a long time, can say that you can rely on them.
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    Take a look at rockhoster.com OpenVZ and KVM vps hosting solutions. Their servers are located in Netherlands.
    Their main goal is to provide the best technology available with exceptional customer support.
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    Read other clients' or customers' testimonials. Try to contact the current customers of the web host provider of your choice and see if they are satisfied with the kind of services being rendered by the web host provider.

    I am sure hostingsource.com is a good option for getting US vps deals at cheap rates.
    Save Big on Hosting - 50% off 1st month on all Servers/VPSs.