VPS deal to buy from a decent provider

Discussion in 'Hosting Offshore' started by kwizin, May 17, 2018.

  1. kwizin

    kwizin Active Member

    QHoster.com and hostingsource.com VPS deals are in my mind and I'm in two minds which way is better to follow?
  2. Grownup

    Grownup Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Well, QHoster.com provide a very good web hosting service.
    I get system updates on every part of their network as it happens. Control panels are amazing, the system is very solid altogether.
  3. JustinF

    JustinF Active Member

    VPS accounts from libertyvps.net and legionbox.com are full-featured and uptime is high.
    The support is OK. They are pretty fast and responsive. It does take a little of your brain with their help to solve some problems.
  4. Adulthood

    Adulthood Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I am sure that Rockhoster.com and their VPS hosting account would work fine for your needs.
    I love the support, and have been and will continue using them for a long term. Recommend these guys.
  5. Lakmis

    Lakmis Well-Known Member

    VPS accounts which libertyvps.net and hostsailor.com provide are able to satisfy all your demands.
    Their Customer Support team has always been reliable and well-informed. The price is affordable. You may have to wait to be attended to at times, but every problem is quickly fixed.
  6. Brunoweb

    Brunoweb Building Trust Entrepreneur

    You know, hostingsource.com is reliable service, good value and most importantly excellent customer and technical support.
    My website response times have never been faster and support level is above and beyond. If you are thinking about switching, this is the company to go with.
  7. Deepbreathe

    Deepbreathe Building Trust Entrepreneur

    + vote for QHoster.com vps hosting - they offer over 30 server locations.
    cPanel is a backend administration interface that makes it easy for you to manage your website!