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Yes Exodus is a Desktop Wallet but i not prefer this.

Ledger Nano i a solution i think about that but problem how i can cashout if i need money ? Advash VISA is a solution because before Loading Advcash with USDC. I see the Option there.


when you say online, you mean a custodian solution with KYC right ?

you can custody your USDC directly with the issuer Circle. there you can exchange for fiat and transfer to your bank account. they can offer up to 10.75% interests on your USDC deposit also but there is a waitlist it seems.

otherwise personally I trust and use Kraken and Coinbase is also trustworthy, they both are fully regulated. Bitstamp is on the same boat and also Gemini.
I trust Binance but they don't accept US citizen so much less regulated than the others, but offers much much more services !
if you are resident in EU Binance have a kickass crypto visa card.

perhaps try to be more specific on your requirements and what you want to achieve, its not very clear.


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Yes i see that Coinbase have a Debit Card VISA in future...looks good. Deposit Options here in EU with SEPA.
I have KYC Account on this, also on Kraken........ Binance also

So the option is the USDC splitting in Account not all in in 1 Account......Problem now and future is CRS Exchange because all this platforms have FIAT Wallets so solution is Trustwallet or Ledger Hardware Wallet only.
Yes i am EU personal Customer.

I think in this threat i have all informations, options Advcash VISA and Binance VISA
In another Threat i search Options to a FIAT Account like TW so i can used it with a account to make banktransfers to 3. partys that not works in Advcash


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I see in Coinbase that i can hold USDC but i can not BUY USDC directly by EUR, not in Coinbase and not in Coinbase Pro
Only Holdings

Kraken works

In Binance i cannot buy usdc directly, how works there ?
I Think buy BUSD with FIAT and then buying USDC
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DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution