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Given our experience and good relationships with various financial institutions around the globe, I can not only introduce you to the best financial institution for your needs but also lead you through the process of opening a bank account.

Business / Personal Bank Account Opening

Bank account for any type of legal entity is a crucial thing. However, today to open a bank account is the hardest part while establishing a new legal entity. It makes it even harder if the owner or director of the company is a resident of a different country. And there are a number of reasons why individuals want to open foreign bank accounts. These reasons include diversification, assets protection, or access to new financial markets and instruments. The rule of not keeping all eggs in one basket is a rule of thumb in the financial world, hence it is smart to keep your money and investments in different jurisdictions to diversify political risk.


- Recommendation of best-fit financial institutions for your needs, which are likely to accept you
- Introduction to the bank or another financial institution
- Assistance to prepare the application and collect supporting documents to open an account
- Support during on-going communication with a bank after the account is open


- Analysis of your legal setup and business model
- Consultation on how to improve legal setup if necessary to meet banks expectations
- Preparation of financial statements if needed

Business / Personal Cards

Unlimited spending power, whenever and wherever. It's the ultimate choice for your business. For those, who demand an exceptional level of service. Whether you're flying high or office-bound, those flexible solutions and high-quality travel services benefit your business in a remarkable number of ways.

- Cash withdrawals up to 50,000 EUR per month
- Standard spending limit up to 75.000 EUR per day
- Corporate events & VIP entertaining
- Airport fast-tracking & priority access
- Private jets chartered at supplier rates
- Hotel & airline privileges

Say yes to impossible!

After considering your needs, our team can recommend to you the best solution for your case and establish a company or set up a whole corporate structure.

We know that it is not easy to navigate in the offshore world, and we do not believe that there exists a one-fits-all solution.

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Can you get a non-resident a bank account for a UK LLP?

which is easier to get for a non-resident -- a bank for a USA LLC or a UK LLP?
Offshore Bank Accounts
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
DLS Dubai Company Formation and banking solution
Offshore Bank Accounts