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What hosting provider is better for getting servers at?


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Require over 2,5 tbs of HD, 32 GB of RAM and 44 TB of bandwidth, Linux + ssl certificates.
What can you say about and also web hosting services?
Is their pricing for registering domains reasonable? alternatives please? What hosting provider is better for getting servers at?


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You will not be disappointed. I give web host out highest recommendation.
They are always responsive, cost-effective, and we virtually never suffer any down time. Time is money and even 99.99% may not be good enough.


Active Member and are worth trying due to their unmatched services.
Every time I've had a problem or question, I have been able to talk/chat with someone within a few minutes. Hosting is easy with them.


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I like solutions. They use the latest generation Supermicro hardware to deliver dedicated servers in Thailand.
Their goal is to provide quality infrastructure hosting in world-class data facilities, at a cost accessible to enterprises, small businesses, and end-users alike.


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Servers from and are worth trying.
Great customer support : these hosts offer day and night customer support services in a friendly and lovely manner. Their live chat customer support feature is just so great that, no matter what problem you encounter, they are there to give you every necessary assistance.


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Do not compromise what had been planned about for the web site just to meet the level of what can just be offered with the cheap web hosting package.

I am happy with customer service and am also happy with the control panel. Uptime has been great - 99.9% guaranteed.
Good support information including knowledge-base and regularly updated system status.


Active Member and plans are worth trying due to their top-notch services with high uptime and quality support.
Their technical support seems to know what they're talking about when you have questions. And they offer alternative solutions to problems.
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