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Where can I buy property, pay from Transferwise and provide a contract as a source of funds

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It depends on if you want to live there or simply as an investment and an address.
I have clients that bought property and rent them out bills included so they can have a utility bill in their name.
You can buy an apartment in the Marina for 100K maybe less. It will net you around 5%. You will always get Tennant's there. Most importantly you get the utility bills.
yeah an investment, an address and utility bills is what I need. Thanks for the advice.


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Who is going to invest 300K in some property in Thailand? I simply don't get it, how would your ROI look like?
If you have 50M+ $, then its junk change ;) and thailand has its very unique and special ways of warping your head around certain facts and calculations and clouding sound judgement.

I doubt it is that good plus you have to deal with tenants and who besides tourist can pay a decent yield anyway.
They have massive constructions with tons of empty inventory.

I would get one in Dubai Marina every day over Thailand


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Who is going to invest 300K in some property in Thailand? I simply don't get it, how would your ROI look like?
6-8% excluding price appreciation. Prices have come down quite a bit now with this Covid scam so rental yields could be higher now.
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Major cities in Africa give good returns, you can pick up stuff very cheap in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Accra, Lagos, Cairo and Addis. Good returns at about 6-8% and no questions regarding funds.


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Can i buy remotely?
What will be your fee?
Ofcourse you can.
All doc will be on your name and there would be some form of virtual meetings for proper clarifications.
Agency/Consultancy Charges could range btw 5% -20% of the property worth.
All depends on mutual understanding.
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It has been seen many times in Africa that people can avoid taxes in various ways. Question is how many actually want to live in Africa. I know lot's of rich people have some property there to come over holidays here and there.. but other then this...
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