Where do I file profit tax in Hong Kong?


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Can anyone advise me where to file profit tax in Hong Kong?

I've got the form, the scanned form anyway. I don't want to pay the secretary because honestly, they're jerks. It's all NILL and I know how to fill it, I just don't know where to file. I've tried eTax but I don't have a tax account with them so I can't get an access code.

I've been searching online for a few hours already and apart from eTax, I can't find anything.



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You should contact the HK tax administration and explain them your problem. They will find a solution very quickly.


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Can't you move the company to another agent? that may help sort your problem.


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is it possible to move a HK cie with nominees service to another agent (the one I have is too greedy, more than 4.500€ per year for the accountency of the cie)