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Which shared plan is the best?


define best?
back you up if you generate complaints?

best is very subjective and I would say neither or the two listed would qualify as "best"


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Believe Hostforweb.com will serve your demands. They have stellar customer service, fast servers, fair pricing.
I feel really lucky to have happened onto a company that does business the way I do, by exceeding customer expectations.


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For me, QHoster.com would be the best choice! Use the code: CR2QS5B85D -30% OFF! Applies to all shared and VPS plans, 3+ month period of order!
So far they have been excellent. I've had to contact support a few times and on all occasions my questions was answered very promptly.


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Good plans are available form kvchosting.net and theelector.com.
They are very reliable hosting companies. The support staff is professional, the servers are well maintained, and most importantly, the company takes their customers with respect.
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