Which VPS would you buy and why?


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If I were you, I would give Libertyvps.net web host a try. Their NL servers are fast.
- The abundance of useful features included into the plans;
- Server stability (practically NO downtime and outages).
I would highly recommend their offshore vps hosting to any webmaster looking for reliable and decent host.


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From my point of view both companies - hostsailor.com and libertyvps.net - are decent and reliable as their plans have enough resources to satisfy the needs of any discriminating webmaster with a tight budget.
Whatever a host you have a deal with, you'll have quality services in any case.


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+ one more vote for Libertyvps.net NL hosting services. They are offering 30% off in first month - coupon Code: I4JS661YNK
Once you sign up for a reliable web host for your website, you gain immediate access to any of the tools and features, and start building your web pages within minutes!


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I decided to give a try with them for 2 reasons:
1. the lowest prices
2. the best Support reviews (and the best reviews in general)
I can only hope that libertyvps.net won’t change their high level services, but to continue to increase their quality.


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Yes, totally agree with the other webmasters here. Libertyvps.net is trustworthy and reputed NL offshore web host.
Their servers are pretty good, and they have LIVE chat support too.
Reasonably priced and well supported. We're very happy.


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It's really hard to choose between such reliable hosting providers - hostsailor.com and libertyvps.net - because they have plans which are full of useful resources and their prices are competitive. Any host you choose will satisfy all your demands, the OP.


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I would highly recommend libertyvps.net for any sort of PHP/mySQL hosting needs.
I love the fact that I feel like a valued client whenever I have a question that I need to ask - it feels like I'm in contact with human beings who treat me as a human being, rather than getting soulless cranky responses.


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Been looking for a solid hosting company to buy a VPS from and it seems like every review site I've found is just pushing the hosting company with the biggest affiliate commissions. I'm looking for an inexpensive VPS I can remote into and run SEO tools / social media automation software from. So far the best deal I've found is VPSNET which seems like it'd do the trick (and the price is right) but figure you guys would have some good recommendations too.