why i cant open bank account remotely ?


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i tried this swiss bank that open account by skype meeting , but some banker closed my account after some questions . she is a girl (very mean)and native then i spoke to another women she was very kind person and explained to me .

why there is no more banks like this with possibility to open account without visiting ?

and btw is this a good bank Home ?

i'm also looking for emi with caribbean based banks because all EU emi's are closing doors on international customers after mc/visa issues!


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what do you mean?
Mistertango, Paysera, Leupay accept non-EU residents as I know
thanks ,well mistertango is crypto which is problem to deal with but the cards are not issued outside eu.
i'm still researching leupay , though paysera have many poor reviews .

i mean the emi receive money in offshore bank --- i.e like paxum/payoneer and choicebank

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In order to answer your questions more information is needed.

1) what is your country of residence
2) what will you use the account for
3) what amount will flow through the account
4) what will the source of the money be