LeuPay.EU - Review please is it a good offshore bank?

Discussion in 'Offshore Bank Accounts' started by maxmoney, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. maxmoney

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    I have read so much about LeyPay.eu but didn't signed up for this service yet. What I would like to know is if it is a real offshore bank or if it is more like a payment provider offering an internal banking system to keep your money AND a debit card to withdraw your money?

    I read the review here Review leupay.eu good or bad? post your experience please? but it does not really mention anyone that has used this service and their experience with leupay?

    Please post here whatever you know about this service / bank?
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  2. DeepDrilling

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    From the other review you may see it is not a bank. It seems they have a Financial service license but I can't see if this comes from Luxembourg or from an offshore jurisdiction!

    Last week I applied for an account with them, it is still under review / approval. As soon as I know more I will be happy to post about it here.
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  3. I have personal and business account in Leupay.
    Leupay (Satabank PLC platform for MT IBAN or UniCredit Bulbank for BG IBAN) is a very good service (SEPA, SWIFT, Mastercard, Merchant, Internal Transfer and other services). Leupay is based in Malta and reports automatically clients and account information to the tax authorities (CRS).
    Leupay don't accept Panama as country.
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  4. auric

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    That's bad news doh948"" but thank you for your honest review.
  5. Leupay reports the following informations:
    The account holder identity
    The account number
    The year-end account balance
    The income (interest, dividends, gross proceeds, etc.)
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  6. auric

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    That's really bad news for someone that want to stay under the radar. I will try to figure out a workaround for the account opening there. Thank you @Internationaloff
  7. Bad news for personal Entity.
  8. CoinMaster

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    you think it is different for corporate accounts?

    please post if you find something that can work for all of us that don't want to be kicked into the spotlight of the tax office...
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    They also require SMS verification. You will need to have a mobile phone from the country from which you signup with! This makes it a little complicated if you sit behind a VPS! :(
  10. I quote. When you open a Business account Leupay needs a mobile phone (+49 if you live in Germany) for first SMS verification. After you can use Gatekeeper.
    If you have already a Personal account, in business contact you will find this question:
    Q. I have a registration with other LeuPay account (Yes/No).
    A. Yes + Your representative position + Email and Password (Personal Account).
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  11. maxmoney

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    It's complicated if you ask me. I will have to find a SMS verification service first.
  12. I have used my real mobile number for first SMS verification.
  13. maxmoney

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    naahhh I don't want to use my own mobile number :D
  14. Do you live inside or outside EU?
  15. Thirsty Beaver

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    I opened a business account y'day, the service seems not bad, the SMS takes time though. Let's see how it works out. Thanks for all the information folks.
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  16. When your account will be Standard, it's best to use Gatekeeper. thu&¤#
    Have a nice day.
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  17. realcat

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    anyone knows if it is possible to open leupay account with seychelles of belize company?
  18. maxmoney

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    They told me Seychelles is OK, I have submitted all my documents to them yesterday, waiting for them to get back.
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  19. Leupay accepts Belize and Seychelles.
  20. DeepDrilling

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    I'm in verification process with Seychelles corp. too waiting for them to get back.
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