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  1. 5K1PP3R

    Cyprus non-dom plus HK Offshore tax strategy opinion

    I am Cyprus 60 days tax resident and non dom. So basically if I make a HK offshore company that means, I will be in the CRS as UBO and risk getting busted by Cyprus tax services, 12.5% on profits + penalties. If I make an onshore HK company (local director), the company will need to pay 16.5%...
  2. 5K1PP3R

    Best setup for a royalty income company

    That's good to know, because my legal adviser designed a following scheme for me: - I declare that during the past year I was paying developers in cash to create a software. - I create a company in Cyprus and transfer this software to the company - I lease the software to a client and start...
  3. 5K1PP3R

    Transferewise and AEOI ?

    My guess Bitcoin will shoot through the roof on further screws tightening and it does already. If you think that we got used to it being over $1k that's crasy enough. Stablecoins is not an option with 5% USD/EUR inflation these days. Besides USDT can fall any minute and it costs $30-50 to send...
  4. 5K1PP3R

    Seems like Russsia is moving towards restoring banking secrecy. This was published in one of the main news outlets

    https://www.rbc.ru/politics/15/06/2021/60c8d76e9a7947285a8e0632 Thoughts? How does it relate to Common Reporting Standard (CRS)?
  5. 5K1PP3R

    Revolut business requires proof of domain ownership, what to do?

    We have funds there and now the account is frozen. And it's not like there are a lot of good online banks around that won't disappear with your money. The issue is they want the proof of purchase in the past. But is this crap even legal?? How can they block our money based on the fact that...
  6. 5K1PP3R

    Revolut business requires proof of domain ownership, what to do?

    Our domain belongs to some old company which may not even exists now. What are we supposed to do? Cook up invoices and screenshots? Will they really suspend our account because of this nonsense? They are have already suspended our account because they don't understand wtf is stripe and keep...
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