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OffshoreCorpTalk Offers a Paid Database With the Most Trusted Organizations in the World

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International business forum OffshoreCorpTalk also provides users with paid access to a database on some of the most trusted organizations and services worldwide. The website as a whole is designed to allow space for entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts to discuss strategies, get information on tax regulations and upcoming market news, provide tips to other users, and become informed on changing issues surrounding offshore company formation, bitcoin, and more.

Now, users can read reviews and comments from others regarding the effectiveness of popular banks, financial providers, company formation organizations, payment providers, and other important service providers in the offshore company formation industry. To truly unlock the power that makes a forum like OffshoreCorpTalk unique, users will need to become a part of Mentor Group Gold.

What Mentor Group Gold Entails
By partnering with many of the...

The new version 2.0 of OffshoreCorpTalk - follow the updates.

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Hello valuable members,

As you have already been notified by e-mail, we are in the process of updating the forum with a lot of new and exciting features.

Below you can follow all the many new features we add regularly.

As you have probably noticed, our logo has been replaced, below you can see it in large format until we get the logo at the top made a little bigger.

So what have come of new features in OffshoreCorpTalk V.2.0?

It is possible to use a "thread prefix" called "question" - for threads that are based on questions for other users, and, which are flagged as "Question" when you create a new thread. See picture below

All threads created as an "question" will have the options for other users to upvote or downvote a question.
Soon we will make a seperated category here on

The philosophy behind is similar to that of John Locke

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The philosophy behind is similar to that of John Locke, who lived in 1632:
Every man has property in his own person.

In today’s world, it seems as if the private sphere has begun to shrink. Almost automatically, the things you do or think are shared with the masses. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and more log all your data and sell it to corporations and authorities who have, shall we say, less than savory intentions.

Unfortunately, Google does the same thing with data regarding your searches and online activity.

Perhaps an even worse situation in our world is that it seems you cannot have money in the bank without it costing you fees.

The world is governed by people who want to control your life, even your private financial life (and, yes, even your business). Everything is of interest to the authorities; everything must...

About OffshoreCorpTalk

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OffshoreCorpTalk is one of the largest and most popular forums for offshore company formation. This online forum has more than 12000 active members, making it an extremely useful resource for anyone interested in this topic area. Members are drawn from across the world and from all sides of the industry: every day sees new posts and comments from company owners, banking professionals, tax lawyers, business consultants, insurance agents, accountants, financial planners, and other industry experts.

The OffshoreCorpTalk forum can trace its history back to 2009 when it was set up under the domain name of CClogic. It was initially intended to be used as a support platform for CClogic’s client base of customers looking to set up an offshore company. For a number of reasons, CClogic took the decision to close down...

List of Banks, EMI's, Payment processors and BTC to FIAT institutions.

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I compiled a list of these providers by going through almost any post here on the forum where people ask for bank advise or advise in matters of payment processors EMI's and BTC to FIAT exchanges.

For those of you who do not know what an EMI is or what it stands for, here is an explanation.
An electronic money institution stores the monetary value in a central accounting system (the enterprise's server), or it may be stored on an electronic carrier like a chip. This monetary value can then be used to make payments at other parties than the one that issued the electronic money

If you find this list useful then please hit the like button and feel free to comment on the list below.

I arranged with @Admin that if you suggest banks, emi's etc that are not on the list and you think they belong to it then he will edit and add them to the listthu&¤#

List of real banks

Mentor Group for anonymity!

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Hi Admin and folks :D

I just want to push the Mentor Group a little. I know some people here find it less attractive to join the mentor group because they could not find what they were looking for. Others are happy with their subscription, me included.

If you are looking for tax advice or advice from an professional, Mentor Group may not be for you. If you are looking for TOTAL PRIVACY, tricks and hint's on how to stay under the radar, Mentor Group is 4 YOU!!!

Don't expect people to spoon feed you there, I tried and got rude replies because my questions were to, let's say, general. So I spent some hours reading the threads, I even read the very old threads, they may be from the very beginning of this forum, and thought it wasn't useful. Then I went to an EMI provider, first time I had to look into it and figure out it was impossible for me (unless I pay a lot of money) to provide all the documents required.!! Even if I provided...
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