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Offshorecorptalk Is On The Lookout For Virtual Assistant


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Dec 29, 2008
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We are hiring Virtual Assistance

The OffshoreCorpTalk forum is a sustainable online community boosting thousands of users and aiming to find innovative solutions and ideas for offshore entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals. It consists of a fully remote team scattered around the globe and provides access to guides, discussions and plans regarding offshore businesses.

The role

As a virtual assistant, you will work closely with the management in order to support the business duties. To succeed in such a role, you must be well organized and feature a high attention to small details. You must be able to use your intuition and work independently. It is a different lifestyle that requires being laid back and efficient in work.

The requirements​

  • Experience or a deep passion for journalism is desired, but not essential, as you dig deeper for information and conduct research on offshore topics.
  • The possibility to conduct detailed research on businesses pointed out by the management, such as banks, EMIs, providers and so on.
  • Finding the right people for specific jobs around the forum, such as moderators, SEO professionals, marketers, interviewers and other professions.
  • Experience in offshore businesses is desired, as you will need to research new topics that might draw attention and raise interest.
  • A keen eye on watching the forum and identifying hot topics that may lead to more detailed guides in the future.
  • A hands-on approach that implies finding trending ideas in the offshore community, such as different countries, business solutions and so on.
  • An ambitious personality that helps find less known information over the Internet and ensures you are not happy with the easiest solution.

What you must have​

  • You must be Internet literate, meaning you need to know how to conduct research on different ideas and business while using different search engines to find less known information.
  • You must have excellent English skills – both written and spoken.
  • You must be able to meet deadlines for a wide variety of tasks.
  • Honesty is critical about the time spent to do your job and provide estimates.
  • You need a can-do attitude and the ability to think for yourself, as you may need to contact people or businesses while conducting research – email, phone or video chat.


During the early stages, you will be paid on a per hour basis agreed before you start work. Once you will get the grip and your work quality reaches the desired standards, you will be able to discuss a permanent number of hours per day or week.

Interested? Please use this contact form and make a short description about your skills and yourself.​