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  • Hi!
    I have a TW account now, Business and personal as it should be.
    Personal account I use the name they gave me but can not verificate it and they said they can but i will be different as a nominee structure.
    So how TW nominee structure works? I just though I open an account with the nominee details and attach it with business account but they talk about different things that I don't understand.
    Hi Clemens, I am starting an adult webcam business, and saw your post that no banks are accepting Adult Business, and that they have cover up businesses. How exactly does this work. I am wanting to incorporate the business in Gibraltar or Malta. do I open two businesses or just simply be ambiguous with the description of the business? can you explain how this works
    I am trying to set up a company for logistic services and consultancy in int. business. I am trying to find a reliable service provider for a:
    - Jurisdiction with good reputation as my clients wouldn’t accept some jurisdiction
    - Privacy / Nominee director
    - Reasonable taxes

    Could be an offshore/onshore company. I am Italian citizen living in Uruguay.
    Best regards
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