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  1. clemens

    Does anyone know the cost to incorporate in Delaware?

    still you can do the entire thing including Fedex parcel costs for less then 800$ It's worth it if you know what you need it for.
  2. clemens

    dominca banks

    I can't risk my money sorry. How much have you flowing?
  3. clemens

    dominca banks

    what bank to use for an UK LTD and which is crypto friendly then ? kraken -> transferwise does not work any longer :(
  4. clemens

    How do people buy properties with crypto without triggering taxman and anti money laundering stuff?

    Swiss does, do you consider it to be a 3rd world country :D
  5. clemens

    UAE residence visa cheapest option

    that's an interesting part of the overall costs of a setup there!
  6. clemens

    Mentor Group for anonymity!

    yeah the contact form may always be the first to try :D
  7. clemens

    Paypal business for Dubai offshore company

    What does that mean? "as far as" have been in business for 30th years, every time someone says "as far as" or "we may be able to help" a big RED FLAG rise.
  8. clemens

    Mercury Bank

    exactly, if not, use the LLC's address!
  9. clemens

    Top 10 Investment Brokers Which Accept International Customers & Quick Guide

    Let's get more user review. I'm still searching for the right investment broker for my small savings 200K+
  10. clemens

    Offshore company for stock trading with Interactive Brokers

    that's good to know. Back 5 years it was impossible to open an account with Bank of Cyprus and Piraeus bank as it was used before that time again. I thought Cyprus has closed for all remote account opening with our without nominee service.
  11. clemens

    Question Holding structure with LLC

    One issue is the cyprus holding ltd that does not need to be complicated to setup, but how to you receive the dividende if you don't have a bank account?
  12. clemens

    Offshore company for stock trading with Interactive Brokers

    how do I have to understand it, you mean I can setup a Cyprus company, but don't need to have office, staff but only nominees?
  13. clemens

    Best low tax place to start a company for service providers?

    well as FRED already pointed out in some other threads UAE has to be taken advantage on before it is to late, so don't waste your time get on it.
  14. clemens

    3-4 years old company in Benelux

    selling on the forum is not allowed without mentor group! You guys can't even PM each other unless breacking the forum rules, silver membership required! OMG this thread make zero sense!
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