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Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

Complete Business setup with Iban, Merchant Account and Payment Gateway!

If you have ever opened a bank account, you probably know already it takes time, and it requires lots of paperwork. In some countries, you will need to set an appointment, bring bills, proof of address, and so on. Then, you need to wait for approval before getting two separate letters – one with the actual card and another one with the pin code. If you think this is daunting, imagine doing it in a completely different country – you cannot speak the language, and you have no idea what documents to bring in.

To keep it simple, this is what an offshore business is like. In theory, it is perfectly legal for a foreigner to open an account in a different country – some countries actually encourage foreigners to come over for investments. But then, if you think your jurisdiction is a challenge, just wait until you have to deal with a completely different legal system. The good news is it can be done. The bad news is it is going to give you some white hair.

Here at OffshoreCorpTalk, we aim to create a solid community to share ideas, plans, thoughts, recommendations – you name it. If it has something to do with offshore companies and associated services, we are interested in it. In the attempt to figure out ways to make offshore businesses more accessible to the average user, we have created a handy guide – basically, a quick recipe that will give you everything you need to get the business going. Here is what our guide is about.

What you need to get your business running​

There are certain things you need in order to get your business up and running. Obviously, every business has certain requirements. Some users may only be interested in diversifying their assets a little, while others are up to actually conducting business in the respective country. There are also users who only want to move the business profile to another country, as they are mostly interested in paying lower taxes.

No matter what you are up to, you will require the actual business entity. You will need to register the business. Therefore, you need a company formation service. Such a service will take care of all the paperwork for you. You will have a professional acting on your behalf and submitting the right documents, dealing with all the requests, and so on. It is an intermediary that will make your life easier, especially in a country whose legal system is completely new to you.

Then, since you go internationally, chances are you will need an IBAN. The IBAN allows international money transfers through banks. It will take wire transfers, and you can even set direct debits through this account. This is not mandatory, but it will help, even if not really with customers. You will need to transfer money from different accounts – especially if you live in another country. You will need access to it for unexpected situations as well.

A merchant account is another factor that not everyone might need, but it is excellent for most businesses. This is not the typical account you can access, transfer money from, or to. Instead, it is an intermediary account that will allow you to take card payments – whether your clients use debit or credit cards. Without a merchant account, you will not be able to take them. It makes no difference if you run exclusively online or you have real life stores too.

Generally speaking, these are the main things you will need to run an offshore business in a smooth manner. However, lots of people would rather hide their bank details – just a matter of extra safety. Instead of giving details out, they would rather use an external payment platform. There are lots of options out there, and most of them will accept you, but some of them have lower verification standards.

Last, but not least, do not overlook the crypto profile of your business too. Some of your clients may choose digital coins for their payments – after all, they are gaining popularity. Many retail stores across the world accept digital coins as well. With these thoughts in mind, a crypto exchange will get the job done. You want the possibility to take crypto payments, but also to transfer money to your account should you need to.

So, we have started with a test...​

The idea behind the test was fairly simple. The OffshoreCorpTalk admins started a business from scratch. It all started with the business formation and all the other above-mentioned services. Of course, there are more things associated with a business, but these services are the main ones to focus on. Anything else can be dealt with later on – such as accounting at the end of the year. You may not even need all these services, but most people will be interested in them.

The test started with a basic business. It went through a few different company formation services. Some of them never replied, while others took ages to even start the work. Eventually, the team found a good service that got the job done straight away – it was a matter of a few days only. The admins provided the right documentation, and the company took care of everything else.

Needing an IBAN for fund transfers, a bank account seemed like a sophisticated option – no proof of address or other documents required. Luckily, there are online providers out there offering access to IBANs. Some of them take verification to another level – nearly impossible. The team has found a solid one with a good reputation and a quick verification.

The profile of the business involves having a merchant account for online debit and card payments. Again, there are more options out there. The OffshoreCorpTalk staff tried some of the top-rated ones, but only a few options are actually worth it. You want a quick, smooth, and reliable service that will not quit on you when someone wants to pay.

Since online payment platforms are just as common these days, the team has tried out some of the most versatile ones. The same story – some of them are worth the time because they are straightforward and reliable, while others have a sketchy customer service, and it takes forever to get a reply. The leading ones are also among the best-rated options.

The same goes for crypto exchanges. You need even more care if you are interested in dealing with digital coins. You want a crypto exchange with low fees and rates, as well as the possibility to convert digital coins into flat currencies and the other way around whenever you need it. We found a few good options here as well.

How long does it take to start an offshore business?​

Without any guidance and education, it could easily take over a year. This is not just a random estimate, but the actual reality. Imagine, you will need to start a business – you might be able to do it online, but you will need certain documents. You could find all this documentation in English or a local language that you may not really understand.

Then, unless you knew you could get an IBAN over the Internet, you would probably try to open a local bank account, which is just as challenging. All the other accounts will be easier to get over the Internet, but you will still need to flow from one service to another until you find something reliable or trustworthy for your funds.

Not knowing how the system works is the main reason wherefore so many people avoid offshore businesses. Indeed, it is a challenge, and it will take a while to get through it, but it is totally worth it. Do not expect to get everything done in a week, though – even with the comprehensive guide from the OffshoreCorpTalk gold section, it will still take more.

If you would normally spend more than a year to get your business going – and lots of money in the process, our test has shown that it can be done in less than a couple of months. You need to take everything in the right order. Knowing which services to choose is the main thing, though – this is the real-time and money saver.

A few words about the offshore business running guide​

The offshore business running guide compiled by the OffshoreCorpTalk staff is fairly simple to understand and provides access to everything you need to get the business going straight away. Practically, the guide is based on the test performed by the OffshoreCorpTalk admins. This is not the first guide of this type. Prior to this quick startup test, the staff has come up with another list of reliable and tested providers for offshore businesses.

This guide is different and gives you straightforward information. You will know precisely what company to use for the business formation – with services provided in multiple countries, as well as what companies to go to for a quick IBAN, a reliable merchant account, or online platforms. Furthermore, you have a couple of crypto exchanges that raised no problems in the process whatsoever. Again, going through this whole setup will take up to a couple of months.

For some of the services required, the OffshoreCorpTalk team has tried out a few different providers – successfully. You will also find a few providers mentioned for different services, meaning you can save a bit of time as well. You can use one service or another for different features. You may not need all of them in the beginning, but chances are your business will expand, and you will also require online payments, card payments, or even digital coin solutions.

Where to find the offshore business startup guide​

The offshore business startup guide is a straightforward recipe that will get your business registered and running with the right associated services – IBAN, merchant account, online payment platform, and crypto exchange. The guide is fully accessible on the OffshoreCorpTalk forum, but in the gold membership section. To access it, you will have to upgrade your account.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. Whether you are after a quick recipe to get the business running, mentor advice, and exclusive guidance from experienced professionals, the mentor group gold membership will save you both time and money. Imagine getting a business up and running without even going to the respective jurisdiction – this is what the guide will bring in.

Is the mentor group gold membership free? No, it is not, but it is a cost-efficient deal. Trying everything yourself is time-consuming. You will waste time and money with different services, only to get stuck at some point or another – even worse, you could get stuck after you have already made a payment. This is what the guide aims to prevent – all the problems associated with such services.

Apart from finding providers and experiencing some headaches yourself, you might as well try to do everything yourself – register a company yourself, find a bank account yourself and go on from there. You can do all these in a jurisdiction whose legal system is completely new to you. The hassle and rejections you could face are simply not worth the time and money.

The guide compiled by the OffshoreCorpTalk staff is straightforward. You have the company names. You have the links. You get the business registered and move on to the next step – getting an IBAN, then a merchant account, and so on. You have an exclusive list of providers and a few words about each of them, so you know upfront what kind of services you can gain access to.

Bottom line, any of the providers in the guide are direct and easy to deal with – quick customer service, easy registration, and simple verification. Worried about your business? We have picked up services and providers who are hungry for risk industries and businesses. Even if you have been rejected before, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Don’t worry if you feel lost. Remember, everyone’s been in this position at some point or another. It takes time to find the perfect services for your business, but once you get there, everything else becomes a breeze.
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Thank you for your heads up thu&¤#
very nice articlethu&¤# Well written, the original describe exactly how to setup your business online. Could be a little more detailed with some of the mentioned processors, but other than that, I would not regret to pay for the information.
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Thank you for the headsup from all of you here and in the public short formed guide. It's welcome to hear your feedback. It has taken us months to come that far and to be able to produce this guide.

We have been through a lot of hurtles and spoken with people that simply don't know what they are talking about neither able to help!

NOTE: We have to say that some payment processors you believe are able to help you went out to be simple one man shows / middle mans that do nothing else then collecting your docs and send them further to the processor. This means for every 10 PSP's you think you contact you really only contact 1 all 10 will send your docs to the same number of processors. That's frustrating and annoying if your don't know it.

You will end up with 10 declined / rejected applications from 10 different payment processors, that's what you believe, but in reality, you got a decline from one (1) processor, now you must think, wow, that's not true, believe me, it is true.

Some of the small one man shows will also require ridicules documents and ask stupid questions which are not required, they simply waste your time, it can be really frustrating.

Anyway, we will come up with another guide soon, not sure where this will point yet but stay tuned it will be exciting.
You will end up with 10 declined / rejected applications from 10 different payment processors, that's what you believe, but in reality, you got a decline from one (1) processor, now you must think, wow, that's not true, believe me, it is true.
was through the same process for some time back, lot's of waste of time!
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Our team has tried out various services overtime – many of them with terrible results, yet a few can stand out in the crowd. We have put together a guide with providers we have tried with satisfactory results – company formation services in various jurisdictions, SIM card providers, EMIs for businesses, payment service providers, and VPN providers.

The list has been mostly put together based on our personal experiences with the respective providers. Then, we have also added a few other services based on our colleagues' recommendations and reviews. The guide underlines the necessity of such providers, as well as some short reviews about what to expect from each service.

Why do you need it? Simple – we believe the wrong provider can ruin a business. Your money stuck in an account, your EMI failing on you, your company formation service taking ages to get back to you – these are some of the most common issues out there.

We point fingers at the right providers and let you decide yourself. Of course, our upcoming guide is accessible through the mentor group gold membership only, which is the exclusive membership for professionals and business owners – lots of straightforward information and shortcuts without the actual work.

For anyone with doubts, join the Mentor Group Gold and grap your copy of this guide, I have not seen anything like this before @Admin you should remove it and only offer it for your very special users on the forum. This is the true guide of value more worth than 3 months mentor group gold.
Keep your comments coming, I would like to learn what you think and about new ideas if any :) Thanks also for participating in the mentor group gold about the same, it really helps.
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This guide, the original inside the mentor group gold really blow me away. I was aware of some parts of the content in the guide but not all the payment processors and the agency service to use to get a complete online solution for my business.
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Some good threads I stumbled over on this forum are listed below, they are in synergy with this article

There may even be more but for people that hit this page as the first one ever, it may be quick and nice for them to find these shortcuts ;)
I'm not sure if it has relevance to post threads here. Anyway, if you are looking for information that directly can lead you to a solution to setup a merchant account for your high risk business or hard to place business you will like the below threads, require mentor group, sorry
Thanks for sharing the direct links... the OP is great reading!

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