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  1. SoNewToAllShit

    Payment gateway and merchant account or one for high risk?

    I need to know if I need a merchant account and payment gateway or I only need the payment gateway? My business is selling replica and pharmacy, I have two websites which I need new processing for, for some time I used instabill but they suddenly closed my account! Now I'm searching the net...
  2. VincentIgwe

    About Klarna

    Has anybody used Klarna? Do they accept high-risk businesses and are they a good option for gambling-related activities?
  3. VincentIgwe

    Payment Gateway For A Prize Competition Business

    I'm a frequent visitor of this community which is undeniable very useful. Our company is incorporated in the UK and we offer skill-based prize competitions (startup). We are currently having a very hard time getting accepted by a payment gateway provider. So far, our applications have been...
  4. D

    Need help with cloaking ecommerce website, or advice on taking Virtual terminal payments.

    Hey, Im running ecommerce website and payment processors consider it as high risk business. Ive spent arround year looking for a legit payment processor, but every application i fill comes back with sad news. We sell physical goods and the company is registrated in EU. Everything we sell is...
  5. lrotter

    Looking for loyal PSPs

    Hello Members! Currently we are looking for PSP services. We are assisting high risk business (forex, crypto and gaming) registered in offshore and Europe (UK, Estonia, Malta and several more). Does anyone know providers that on board such type of clients? We know it's now mostly Africa, Mexico...
  6. TRX

    What business activity may not be considered high risk by banks?

    I would like to start this thread to get a discussion about what industry and business category you think a bank would not consider to be high risk! To start with I can tell you that most bank consider the so called broad word "E-Commerce / selling online stuff" high risk. The banks I have...
  7. N

    Help with high risk services and payment gateways

    Hello everyone, I am new here, but after a lot of searching I was not able to find a similar thread, so I am starting this one. I have a company that is incorporated in the Marshall Island and I am trying to sell a service online and get paid via Credit/Debit cards, but most of the big...
  8. J

    EMI or bank account for High risk industry

    Dear All, Any recommendation to open a bank account or get IBAN in order to receive payment for high risk industry? Thank you
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