EMI or bank account for High risk industry

Discussion in 'Business Discussion' started by james David, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. james David

    james David Member Entrepreneur

    Dear All,
    Any recommendation to open a bank account or get IBAN in order to receive payment for high risk industry?

    Thank you
  2. negon

    negon Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    Try Revolut or Leupay they seem to don't care about the business itself.
  3. David97255

    David97255 Banned Users Business Angel BANNED MEMBER

    @auric it was true in the past but not anymore about leupay.
    But I don't know what exactly high risk business we speak about.
  4. lookingforward

    lookingforward Member Entrepreneur

    LeuPay became picky, be careful
  5. tonybkt

    tonybkt New Member

    revolut froze my personal account and wanted invoices and source of funds. wanted lots of info to open business account too