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  1. dirtyharry

    Secure Teller your thoughts?

    I see SecureTeller advertising here and wonder what you think about this payment provider from Panama? Can they be trusted?
  2. TRX

    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    I have looked into below payment processors to replace paypal as a payment option for a legitimized online business. Payeer Safecharge Durango Merchant Unitpay (Russian) Interkassa (Russian) Selling digital goods makes the business considered high risk. Any idea?
  3. ferdilewis

    acquirer needed

    Hi i have an online payment gateway with pci dss level 1 as well as FCA Payment Institution license in the UK. My business model will serve purely low risk merchants. I have all company policies and procedures in place. but im stuck and can't find acquirer to onboard me as a Payment...
  4. uplana

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    For several reasons I'm unable to post a complete description on how to setup a anonymous (110%) high risk (including normal) merchant account. But for those of you that are serious and spend some money to upgrade to mentor group gold I have published a post about what is required and how to...
  5. N

    Payment solution for prize competition platform

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a reliable payment gateway for a prize competition platform where users can win cars, watches, holidays and more. The project is similar to Some PSP's do not support the business model and its probably because they're seeing spot the ball game as...
  6. VincentIgwe

    About Klarna

    Has anybody used Klarna? Do they accept high-risk businesses and are they a good option for gambling-related activities?
  7. VincentIgwe

    Payment Gateway For A Prize Competition Business

    I'm a frequent visitor of this community which is undeniable very useful. Our company is incorporated in the UK and we offer skill-based prize competitions (startup). We are currently having a very hard time getting accepted by a payment gateway provider. So far, our applications have been...
  8. M for dropshipping

    hey, guys, is there any reviews form, are they accept dropshipping business ? thanks in advance
  9. M

    Paysera for dropshipping <is it legal>

    hello, is it legal to use paysera for a dropshipping , any reviews please
  10. Admin

    Merchant Account & Payment Processing

    Merchant accounts and payment processors are a necessity for any e-commerce website. Simply put, without them, you cannot sell goods and services online. Many people want to know more about how to properly choose them and what needs to be configured properly to help their business. Whether you...
  11. F

    Need help with payment method!

    Hi, I am a non US citizen and this is my first post We are a business specializing in providing Digital Goods which are Mobile Gaming Accounts with various different titles: Epic Seven, Exos Heroes & More. We partnered with various technology companies and they supplied us with digital products...
  12. I

    Business Start-up Advice

    Hi everyone, glad to be the part of this community. I am in the process of starting an online design and art shop. As a designer, it would be mostly digital downloads and custom design posters. Already have a fulfillment print provider in the UK who is ready to do the print fulfillment. So...
  13. lavel

    Payment gateway to accept credit cards for crypto?

    What payment gateway allow you to accept Visa and MasterCard to buy cryptocurrencies? Need some that can be trusted.
  14. erni

    Coinbase payment gateway dont send e-mail?

    Anyone noticed that coinbase don't send e-mails any longer if a payment arrive in your wallet?
  15. S

    Payment processor for prepaid cards

    Hello, I am looking for a payment processor that would be able to accept prepaid non-reloadable giftcards, (onevanilla cards etc) These cards are all USD and I am also located in USA. My volume is very high, 500k+ per month.
  16. B

    Payment gateway for Replica Watches

    Hi everyone, I have been selling replicas of luxury watches for over a year. In the beginning I used stripe. When it closed, I switched to a Greek high-risk payment processor. After six months of managing payments with the latter gateway, they started asking me for various documents and...
  17. E

    Problem with payment!

    hi group! I have an inconvenience... I have my ecommerce(wordpress + woocommerce) registered in the US, using Stripe as a payment processor, selling digital books ... everything works well if I process payments for example from Europe ... But, when I want to receive payments from Latin...
  18. libicap

    Amald Merchant Service - Anyone worked with them? Reviews?

    Hello all! I have recently come across this service: Look for High-Risk Merchant Account for sturdy pay-outs through Amald, wonder if anyone here has used them or worked with them? I tried looking on their page and LinkedIn, don't find anything suspicious though. I spoke to them some months...
  19. O

    Accept cc and paypal, get cripto/bitcoin

    Hi, I have a website what it is about copyrighted content I would like to access to a payment gateway what allow me to receive the money in bitcoins or cripto and allow the customer to pay with credit/debit card and/or paypal. Right now I am using paypal and it is a pain in the ass(they want...
  20. B

    Shopify location change for non US and EU resident then trying G2A or Skrill as payment provider

    1. Has anybody try changing Shopify location to the USA and make available payment gateways like skrill or G2A or any other payment gateway? 2. How about the G2A experience? they say after the first 900 eur sale we have to provide documentation? please if anybody has done that reach out...
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