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  1. P

    Fiat - Crypto Payment Gate

    Hi Guys My 1st post, pleasure to be here I am looking for Fiat - Crypto Payment Gate which allows my users to buy my own cryptocurrency via Credit Card from my dedicated platform. The crucial factor is that the tokens will be distributed after ~3 months. I was using AdvCash before...
  2. ImKing

    Seek merchant account for hard to place business?

    Hello, Long story short. We run an Internet portal which mediates contacts from wholesale companies within pharmacy, gaming, mlm and other unregulated business types to webmasters who have traffic. We would like to offer a complete solution where the webmaster can just connect and get the...
  3. Admin

    Top 10 Most Reputable Crypto Payment Gateways & A Few Alternatives

    The cryptocurrency market has exploded over the past years. The speed of this market is incredibly high, making the less experienced struggling to keep up with it. There are over 5,000 different types of cryptocurrencies out there, while the overall market capitalization exceeds $200B. Market...
  4. J

    ADVCash To Wise (Transferwise)

    Hy, Advcash to Wise Euro transfer possible? Advcash allows euro transfer Sepa. Transferwise also gives Euro account (sepa). Anybody tried to transfer euro and any problems found. please share.
  5. pesto

    credit card processing for my business needed?

    I need a credit card processing firm that accept hard to place business, have tried with lot's of payment processors I found on all over places but got rejected by all of them! My business is new, I don't have any statements I make 9000 euro every month in crypto but believe it can go higher if...
  6. H

    bank drop or payment gateway

    Hi, i finding guy who create for me bank drop or payment gateway. Not emi must be real bank for receiving a lot of small transactions from video streaming subscriptions. We can deal on % or i will buy from u this acc.
  7. M

    How to Use Debit Card to fund transfer to buy crypto when buying crypto is banned

    QUESTION: Does anyone know a service (not a crypto exchange or crypto related as this will not work) where I can: 1) charge my debit card as if it were an item purchase, kind of like a cash advance 2) transfer those funds to ideally a crypto exchange, or if necessary to a service like Wise or...
  8. M

    Offshore processing for Qatar

    Hi, I work for an offshore broker where they started targeting qatar clients. The issue is that we have very low approval ratio on cards from qatar. Do you know any payment provider or payment method that works well with qatar?
  9. S

    Question after failure to get a payment processor for USA LLC looking for another option to choose where to form my Dropshipping company?

    so for the last 4 months, i have tried every payment processor in the USA like stripe, Paypal, 2checkout, and shopify payments to get hold of a payment processor account most of them labeled my dropshipping business as high risk and won't give me an account unless I have a utility bill in the...
  10. M

    VPN/VPS/Residential for a company abroad and do we even need it? (dropshipping, ecommerce, stirpe, paypal, facebook, and google)

    Hi, For us that are forming a company abroad (I will be having a UK Ltd.), do we actually need a VPN/VPS/Residential to use Stripe/Paypal? Stripe: I contacted Stripe about this and they said "As long as 2 Factor Authorization works in your country - feel free to use Stripe anywhere" PayPal...
  11. M

    Stripe: Have a Store Name (Descriptor) different than Legal Registered Name?

    Basically, I plan to have multiple e-Commerce stores (dropshipping). Its sounds dumb to register a Ltd. for each one of them every time I create a new store. What if I have 1 registered business, named "ABC" and REGISTER stripe account for it, but CONNECT that Stripe account to a store named...
  12. Admin

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    If you have ever opened a bank account, you probably know already it takes time, and it requires lots of paperwork. In some countries, you will need to set an appointment, bring bills, proof of address, and so on. Then, you need to wait for approval before getting two separate letters – one with...
  13. fanban

    Experience with Rapyd.net?

    Does someone know anything about this payment processor? https://go.rapyd.net They are on a .NET domain which already raised my first warning lamp.
  14. Admin

    Payment Processors & Merchant Accounts Explained – What To Expect When Signing Up

    PayPal gained some reputation as one of the leading online payment platforms in the world, whether it comes to people making donations, freelancers or companies. There are different types of accounts and lots of options to set everything correctly. However, PayPal has its flaws as well...
  15. O

    "Manual" Payment gateway

    Hello I am planing to create a website what it is kind of risky(legal where I am, but illegal in other places) so I dont think I will be able to get a payment processor because that what I want to do is to create a online form similar to a contact form, get the credit cards directly and buy...
  16. lrotter

    SEPA to SWIFT gateways

    Hello members :) I have several clients dealing with financial services and acting as financial institutions. All of them are HK, Singapore, Brazil and South Africa registered. They have opened Sepa and Swift accounts for processing clients funds (accounts are non-dedicated for their clients...
  17. dirtyharry

    Secure Teller your thoughts?

    I see SecureTeller advertising here and wonder what you think about this payment provider from Panama? https://www.secureteller.com Can they be trusted?
  18. TRX

    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    I have looked into below payment processors to replace paypal as a payment option for a legitimized online business. Payeer Safecharge Durango Merchant Unitpay (Russian) Interkassa (Russian) Selling digital goods makes the business considered high risk. Any idea?
  19. ferdilewis

    acquirer needed

    Hi i have an online payment gateway with pci dss level 1 as well as FCA Payment Institution license in the UK. My business model will serve purely low risk merchants. I have all company policies and procedures in place. but im stuck and can't find acquirer to onboard me as a Payment...
  20. uplana

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    For several reasons I'm unable to post a complete description on how to setup a anonymous (110%) high risk (including normal) merchant account. But for those of you that are serious and spend some money to upgrade to mentor group gold I have published a post about what is required and how to...
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