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  1. E

    Problem with payment!

    hi group! I have an inconvenience... I have my ecommerce(wordpress + woocommerce) registered in the US, using Stripe as a payment processor, selling digital books ... everything works well if I process payments for example from Europe ... But, when I want to receive payments from Latin...
  2. libicap

    Amald Merchant Service - Anyone worked with them? Reviews?

    Hello all! I have recently come across this service: Look for High-Risk Merchant Account for sturdy pay-outs through Amald, wonder if anyone here has used them or worked with them? I tried looking on their page and LinkedIn, don't find anything suspicious though. I spoke to them some months...
  3. O

    Accept cc and paypal, get cripto/bitcoin

    Hi, I have a website what it is about copyrighted content I would like to access to a payment gateway what allow me to receive the money in bitcoins or cripto and allow the customer to pay with credit/debit card and/or paypal. Right now I am using paypal and it is a pain in the ass(they want...
  4. B

    Shopify location change for non US and EU resident then trying G2A or Skrill as payment provider

    1. Has anybody try changing Shopify location to the USA and make available payment gateways like skrill or G2A or any other payment gateway? 2. How about the G2A experience? they say after the first 900 eur sale we have to provide documentation? please if anybody has done that reach out...
  5. P

    Crypto payment gateway service with DEBIT cards

    Hello, Somebody know a crypto payment gateway service which offer DEBIT cards for merchants accounts ?
  6. libicap

    Payment processors that accept UAE entity for e-Commerce business

    Hello, we have just set up a UAE entity for our e-Commerce shop (consumer electronics and gadgets). We have tried the main-stream ones: Telr, Network International, PayTab, waiting for PayFort's response, but seems like they do not take consumer electronics business IF we are selling outside the...
  7. L

    PSP requires processing history for HK Ltd

    Hello, I am in E-Commerce and since 6 months i own a HK Ltd. Before I went to HK I processed around 500k$ a month with a EU entity. Because i totally underestimated the PSP & Banking hassle with „start up“ offshore company‘s, we didn’t manage it until today to get back to this revenue level...
  8. I

    Does the Holy Grial exist?

    Dear all, This is what I have: I'm running a small businness website offering online 1 on 1 tutoring services. I'm paid in crypto only so far but I want to widen my market to mainstream clients. So I need the Holy Grial. And this is what I'm lookinf for: 1) A payment gateway accepting credit...
  9. D

    Need help with cloaking ecommerce website, or advice on taking Virtual terminal payments.

    Hey, Im running ecommerce website and payment processors consider it as high risk business. Ive spent arround year looking for a legit payment processor, but every application i fill comes back with sad news. We sell physical goods and the company is registrated in EU. Everything we sell is...
  10. Z

    How do you hide your website from a payment processor

    Hi everyone, I have read this thread in the public forum Dummy website redirection for online payments about setting up a dummy website to be able to register with a payment processor with fake documents. I'm asking the experienced people how technically this setup is done? I'm a web developer...
  11. Z

    Credit card processors accounts with fake documents (Saas website)

    Hi everyone, I'm a web developer and I want to process credit card transactions on my new project, it is a SaaS website so users can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans to use the service, this problem is Stripe rejected the website (due to high risk business) but I see competitors (with the...
  12. Jay Hastings

    Best payment gateway with split funding

    I'm looking for a payment gateway for legit business, that splits the total amount charged automatically, the vendor pays the fee, then for example, 8% of the remainder goes to a service provider (an app) and 92% goes to the vendor directly, the vendor is local and the service provider is offshore.
  13. U

    Belize Corp, Need wisdom With Banking / Processing / EMI

    Hello guys! From my research, I ended up with very limited options. I have a belize corp with special docs. After a lot of research here is what I came up with: EMIs: -Advcash -All others (including mistertango) require video ID or don't work with belize. I need EMIs with no video verification...
  14. E

    Payment Gateway + Business Structure for Design Industry

    Industry: Explainer Videos. Clients: from the US mostly. Payment Gateways needed, any of the payment gateways supported by clickfunnels: Apple/Android Pay Authorize.net Bluesnap EasyPayDirect Infusionsoft NMI (Gateway Funnel Pros) OntraPort Recurly Stripe I thought about Belize and Nevis , and...
  15. S

    Bitcoin payment gateway for website

    Dear All, please, advise solutions for BTC payment gateway with auto exchange to fiat thanks you in advance!
  16. J

    How EMI works? Can We build business such as luepay??`

    Dear All, We do have clients they are looking to build a competitive EMI . how EMI and other digital IBAN services work? What kind of licenses? which is the best jurisdiction? Thank you
  17. J

    EUROPAY.CZ. Is it reliable and trustworthy?

    Dear Gurus. Have you ever heard about EUROPAY.CZ. it is based in Czech republic, Is it reliable? trust worthy. Or we could be stuck there with first transfer? Thanks
  18. T

    Need a Payment Solution -Starting "Adult" Business

    Hello everyone, I'm going into business for myself, within the Adult sector. Basically, I'm selling my used items (briefs etc...) and I need a payment processor + anonymity (anonymity from clients). Was thinking about: Leupay (looks good because of the bank account but I've seen mixed...
  19. dotbloup

    Paddle - interesting alternative to 2checkout

    Paddle.com is a payment gateway like 2checkout because it accepts visa, mastercard & Paypal. But there is an interesting difference compared to 2checkout. Paddle manages the VAT or the sales tax for you. I can read on their website: Sitting as a layer between you and your customers as a...
  20. Admin

    Valid Payment Processors for Credit Card processing 2016

    Because there are lot's of people that are looking for a payment processor for their credit card processing needs, I have compiled a new list 2016 for the valid payment processors around. Please note that these are not payment processors that may take on shady business or even so called high...
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