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Review Xsellarate please?


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Nov 5, 2012
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Second payment processor I find today which I never heard about!

Anyone know how they work, are they reliable and can be trusted? I mean, processing fees 0% no cost, how will they make money to pay their bills?
They charge between 99$ and 1000$ for subscription of their service. They e-mailed me about all of it, so found the information myself.
I noticed your post on the offshore corp website and wanted to reach out with a little more information regarding our platform.

To answer your question about how we turn profit as an organization, our platform operates on a monthly subscription that we charge merchants for our services and access to our web services team.

These subscriptions cost anywhere from $99/month on the low end to $1,000/month on the high end.

This covers all of the equipment that you would require for your business, a newly designed/redesigned site, SEO services including google my business management, review platform curation, and traditional forms of SEO such as on-page & off-page SEO.

Are you currently searching for a solution for your businesses or others'? Or was the post in the forum more of an informational gathering focus?

It's not for me, maybe someone else find them useful.

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