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  1. erni

    SegPay anyone know how reliable they are?

    I have read about Segpay in a few other threads and wonder how good they are and what the costs involved with them? I can't find any neg. reviews about them that's why I ask the nice community for first hand experience?
  2. lory

    What's your thoughts about Giftpay?

    The banner AD is up for some on this forum and I noticed they offer anonymous card payments. Reading the website it describe how you buy a gift card using their reseller platform. With the gift card you can pay at any merchant offering their platform as payment method...
  3. SoNewToAllShit

    intergiro international AB reviews?

    In mentor group gold I read about the Intergiro International AB EMI and payment processor, see link here it sounds almost to good to be true so I wonder if someone has good or bad or something else to say about the company? I checked google and trustpilot but not bad...
  4. TRX

    What's the best alternative to PayPal shit service?

    I have looked into below payment processors to replace paypal as a payment option for a legitimized online business. Payeer Safecharge Durango Merchant Unitpay (Russian) Interkassa (Russian) Selling digital goods makes the business considered high risk. Any idea?
  5. SoNewToAllShit

    Payment gateway and merchant account or one for high risk?

    I need to know if I need a merchant account and payment gateway or I only need the payment gateway? My business is selling replica and pharmacy, I have two websites which I need new processing for, for some time I used instabill but they suddenly closed my account! Now I'm searching the net...
  6. uplana

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    For several reasons I'm unable to post a complete description on how to setup a anonymous (110%) high risk (including normal) merchant account. But for those of you that are serious and spend some money to upgrade to mentor group gold I have published a post about what is required and how to...
  7. Admin

    High Risk Payment Processing – Full Guide On How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off While Under Pressure

    Businesses and industries considered high risk are exposed to a series of problems. Even if your business is doing alright and you have a good plan for its growth, chances are you will still face lots of difficulties in the wrong run. Most importantly, in the early stages of your business, you...
  8. D

    Question Does anyone know a payment processing company which can accept debit cards at checkout, and deposit funds as bitcoin into the merchant's wallet?

    Does anyone know a payment processing company which can accept debit cards at checkout, and deposit funds as bitcoin into the merchant's wallet?
  9. E

    Procesador de pago para LLC en WY para no residentes americanos

    Hi! I've been trying to fix this problem for months, I don't know how to structure this anymore ... I am looking for a WY LLC Payment Processor for non-US residents. At first the solution was stripe, but then I had a problem that they banned my account ... now I'm still looking for a payment...
  10. S

    Payment processor for prepaid cards

    Hello, I am looking for a payment processor that would be able to accept prepaid non-reloadable giftcards, (onevanilla cards etc) These cards are all USD and I am also located in USA. My volume is very high, 500k+ per month.
  11. L - any opinion on these guys?

    Hey again! I found a very small PSP company - based in Lettland and almost no real reviews or ratings. Just 3 Trustpilot reviews with no indication on fraud (one guy said they did "steal" 26k from him but you find those reviews at any PSP). The support is fast and they told me that they can...
  12. L

    PSP requires processing history for HK Ltd

    Hello, I am in E-Commerce and since 6 months i own a HK Ltd. Before I went to HK I processed around 500k$ a month with a EU entity. Because i totally underestimated the PSP & Banking hassle with „start up“ offshore company‘s, we didn’t manage it until today to get back to this revenue level...
  13. Z

    UK company with fake darks?

    Hi, I want some clarifications about creating a UK company with fake darks? any experienced with that? I'm not from The EU or US, I can get fake UK identity: passport, national identity card, utility bill and bank statement This setup is for payment processing purpose, I don't want to create...
  14. Z

    Credit card processors accounts with fake documents (Saas website)

    Hi everyone, I'm a web developer and I want to process credit card transactions on my new project, it is a SaaS website so users can subscribe to monthly or yearly plans to use the service, this problem is Stripe rejected the website (due to high risk business) but I see competitors (with the...
  15. R

    Can anyone recommend a credit card processor for a digital marketing firm based in Georgia?

    That's Georgia the country not the state. Having a hell of a time finding one that works. Local banks say they won't issue merchant accounts for "services", probably not true but I cannot get past their idiot departments. I really don't want to use PayPal for many reasons although it works...
  16. T

    Need a Payment Solution -Starting "Adult" Business

    Hello everyone, I'm going into business for myself, within the Adult sector. Basically, I'm selling my used items (briefs etc...) and I need a payment processor + anonymity (anonymity from clients). Was thinking about: Leupay (looks good because of the bank account but I've seen mixed...
  17. dotbloup

    Paddle - interesting alternative to 2checkout is a payment gateway like 2checkout because it accepts visa, mastercard & Paypal. But there is an interesting difference compared to 2checkout. Paddle manages the VAT or the sales tax for you. I can read on their website: Sitting as a layer between you and your customers as a...
  18. TRX

    Worldcore: The Ultimate Player in Payment Services

    Worldcore is a company that provides their clients with a quicker and easier way to receive payments around the world. This is mainly for people who want to send and receive money quickly but securely. They do this by providing their clients with top-class banks with large networks to ensure a...
  19. andreas

    high risk payment processor needed asap

    I'm looking for a high risk payment processor for my pharmacy website. I have been looking all around here and there and Google. It's impossible to find some reliable company that accept pharma business. What I have tried is they seem to be the most legit company for credit card...
  20. hasan2

    Payment processor for WHMCH please advise

    I'm looking for a payment processor for a new hosting company we are starting ( 2 people) we plan to use WHMCH for the administration of the servers but need a billing company. Payments we want to accept are Visa, MasterCard and PayPal is there a payment service provider that can handle it all...
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