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What do you think about Razorpay ?


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Dec 10, 2010
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Do you know the payment processor

I just stumbled over them while paying for a gray area service, which means they are a high risk payment processor. This service has been used them for at least a year so it looks like they get paid and this payment processors isn't a scam!
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If you believe the trustpilot reviews, it looks decidedly scary ...
I don't believe in trustpilot when it comes to payment service providers, forums and blogs. Most of them are fake, really fake. If you want real reviews, you get them on forums like this one and others. Trustpilot is a scam in it self.
What is your conclusion, that one should go ahead and try them but start with a low volume and then see how it goes?
Of course they are not a scam, they are far from it.

they are a YC backed company and it's one of india's large PPs. But the thing is, they only onboard indian companies or indian branches of foreign companies.
where do you get that information from ?