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  • Hey GEDIMINAS, So I have a Nigerian prepaid card that can not be used on Crypto sites directly and I needed a way to buy crypto. Will Banker let me add money to my bankers account using the card and then use bankers card on binance? What are the charges and is there any better solution I can use? My second question is I have a Wise Debit card, will it get blocked if I use it on Binance directly? THANK YOU
    Hello Gediminas. I am looking for bank account/ EMI. I need it to recieve money from my clients (P2P cryptocurrency selling) and to make transfers to cryptoexchanges. All I need is free/very cheap SEPA Instant payments. It could be corporate account (self-employed) or personal account. I try to make a deal with Bankera, but it is really exhausting for me.
    Please let me just know if you can help me somehow.
    Hi Gediminas, lately had some issues with Bankera regarding maintenance fee, they did not specify my business was risky (music industry) and just wanted to know if something can be done about it. Just let me know
    Hey, send me an email with more information about your company and yourself, I will see if I can do anything there.
    Dear Gediminas, I have sent you an email yesterday regarding pervesk update. Looking forward to your response, Thank you very much, Nikola
    Hey, I am on it. Will get back with the update.
    I need to talk with you, do you have an email or a skype/telegram/whatsapp contact?
    Hey, yes. You can find my contact in my signature.
    Hey Gediminas,

    Hope you are doing good. I am a crypto engineer and just moved to Dubai as part of their virtual working programme and need your advisory services on how to deal with crypto here and how to go about getting a TRC in UAE . Can you tell me how to contact you ?
    hey, sure! send me an email (you can find it in my signature).

    I hope you're ok. I need some help regarding Payoneer balance reaching to USDT. Could you help me with it? I do not know how to send a private message. Thanks!!

    I am from France and a friend told me about this site, I saw your ad and I would need a banking service for a Crypto service, is it possible via my country or not at all? I PM you on Whatapps.

    Hi Gediminas,

    I've been trying to open a business account for my company in Hong Kong and having issues due to being a Cuban citizen with residency in the UK.

    I was reviewing some forums here and your name pops up a lot in a positive light, wondering if you could provide any advice?

    Hello Gediminas,
    I am William, we were talking last time via WhatsApp about opening bank accounts in Hong Kong you replied that you do not open banks in Hong Kong, What about Singapore, Indonesia, Malta or Australia.

    I was looking for guidance re: tax residence certificate in Dubai. Are you able to help with this ?

    A friend recommended me to you.
    Hi Gediminas, I saw you said that you could be able to get Bankera card for USA LLC (even though Bankera only issues cards to EEA companies). What should I do?
    Hi Gediminas, my business partner and I are looking to open a company + a corporate bank account. We provide various business consulting services to our clients who are mostly based in UAE. I am happy to provide more details over an email and (in case you can help us) to get on a call with you to discuss further. Could you please share your email address with me? Thanks!
    dear Gedmindas, I have an Indian friend who is looking to make a sizeable crypto purchase ASAP with only Indian accounts, credit cards, and KYC related information. We believe your knowledge of the EU based jurisdictions is key because of the blocks to crypto exchanges that the Indian banks have been imposing recently. I've give you her contact email & phone with your permission via PM... thanks :)
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