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  • Hello Gediminas,
    As I can see, you help with PSPs search. I am looking for PSPs with a strong local presence in Asia and quickly developing countries like SAR or Nigeria for online dating merchants. Would you be able to assist?
    Hi Ged, can you provide an email where I can contact you? thanks for answering my post. I a tax and offshore expert able to help me structure my business. I am able to pay a fee for this.

    Please let me know how to contact you privately.

    Hello Gediminas,

    I just posted a thread, I might need your help can you go over and read it and then we can email for your further advice

    Hi Gedominas,

    Looking for advise on company set up and banking.

    I have a company trading here in the U.K. at the moment and looking to expand. Franchise will be the option I will be looking to run with.

    I am unsure which location for company and banking would be best? Most tax efficient, all payments will be coming outside of the location country.

    I need 5 personal bank accounts in different EU countries if possible.
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    Send me an email so we can discuss your case. (click on the banner in signature)
    Labas Gediminai, matau lietuvis, tai rašau lietuviškai :) Žinai gal patikimų ir draugiškų ''CRYPTO'' bankų ? Reikia įmonei. Leupay nebepanoro su mumis draugauti. Viskas legalu, tačiau pamato žodį ''crypto'' ir nebežino kas darosi. Norėčiau Jūsų kontaktų.
    Hello! We have been having problems with our e-Commerce company payment processing. We run an affiliate network, high volume as well. We are set up in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta and Isle of Man (upcoming).
    Would appreciate it if you can contact me and I shall detail you more about us.
    Leave us a message were in the informational stock market niche.

    we really do need a high risk processor that works for us in canada.


    Hi Gedimas - do you have time to contact me? What bank do you think is best? Northern Cyprus bank for a company set up in Nevis?
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