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  • Hi,

    I was looking for guidance re: tax residence certificate in Dubai. Are you able to help with this ?

    A friend recommended me to you.
    Hello Gediminas, I wrote to you earlier. I am looking for ways to structure playing poker in Malta and would especially be interested in connections to an local accountant. You seem to have some partners you work with there? Would love to hear from you!
    Hi Gediminas, I saw you said that you could be able to get Bankera card for USA LLC (even though Bankera only issues cards to EEA companies). What should I do?
    Hi Gediminas, my business partner and I are looking to open a company + a corporate bank account. We provide various business consulting services to our clients who are mostly based in UAE. I am happy to provide more details over an email and (in case you can help us) to get on a call with you to discuss further. Could you please share your email address with me? Thanks!
    dear Gedmindas, I have an Indian friend who is looking to make a sizeable crypto purchase ASAP with only Indian accounts, credit cards, and KYC related information. We believe your knowledge of the EU based jurisdictions is key because of the blocks to crypto exchanges that the Indian banks have been imposing recently. I've give you her contact email & phone with your permission via PM... thanks :)
    Hi Gediminas, I wonder if you can help me with Bankera for a UK entity. I did file the petition a month ago or so and I want to ensure we open it successfully
    Hello Gediminas, I read that you are an ex poker player so I would be the perfect person for me to ask about this:). Can you tell me if online poker is tax free in Malta (as eu foreigner) or if not what kind of tax I would have to pay on it or what the best way to do it would be? Please send me a Pm. Thank you!
    Hi, Please PM me. Noticed your advice to many on this site is very knowledgeable. My spouse and I are interested to know your consulting fees for say one hour chat about solutions for our situation. My recent post (different thread has details). Thank you.
    Hi Gediminas, we are looking to move to Antigua from Guernsey on Digital Nomad Scheme. Have UK and Guernsey companies. Looking to have a chat regarding our best solution moving forward, assume all possible we will then look to engage a tax advisor to perform a quaterly review. Thanks
    Hey, we don't do much work with Antigua, but if you are open to other jurisdictions as well, I would be happy to help. Anyway, I will PM my email address to you.
    Hello Gediminas. Hope you are all well. I am under impression you are knowledgeable regarding buying bitcoin. I want to buy Bitcoin with UK Business Account, approx 50k each week. Please PM when you have some free time.
    Hi Gediminas, I am hoping you can assist with my onboarding with Bankera, have setup company in Singapore (crypto tax friendly country) using reputable international Consultants, we have applied for Business Banking+ account supplied full company docs and SOF docs for crypto purchase, the onboarding is taking too long, is there any way you could assist in speeding up this process, would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Gediminas, I'd love to have a general chat about structuring a setup for stock trading and such. Would you be interested in helping out? I'm new to the forum and have no idea how to access DM's or your email (been searching for a while now). Many thanks.
    Hi Gedimas, we're looking to open a US bank account for my Panamian LLC. We're an established business, not a startup. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks
    Hey Gedimas , I’m intending for using Bankera as a intermediary account for arbitrage trading I’ve registered with them and applying for tier 3 but it has taken quite long. Do you mind to advise me on what can I do please ? Thank you !
    Hello! I was wondering if you could offer any assistance with Card Acquiring?
    hey, depends on your business. send me an email (click on my banner) to speak it through.
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