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  1. V

    Question Ways to accept cards on my Shopify Website IN US for non USA resident?

    Hey there! I'm from Pakistan and want to operate a dropshipping website in USA. I've my LLC and EIN though no ITIN. I was using stripe before but it banned me after 3 payments as one of my customers repeatedly failed his/her CVC verification and stripe banned as a result cause it thought we...
  2. Mastermind97

    any good payment processor accept iptv outside USA

    Hello guys , any good payment processor accept iptv outside USA
  3. G

    Think I found a great solution for those that can’t seem to find payment processing - Any feedback?

    Because I’ve learned some things reading these pages, I thought I’d give something back. Hopefully it’s as good of a find as I think it is. In my late nights searching for payment processing solutions for one of my companies I came across a Turkish payment processor. As far as I can tell it’s...
  4. S

    Payment processor for prepaid gift cards

    Does anyone know of a payment processor that's willing to accept prepaid visa and amex gift cards in large quantity. I buy these cards for crypto and need to be able to redeem them. I know paypal and stripe will shut me down and I've talked to some high risk merchant processors as well who are...
  5. ImKing

    Seek merchant account for hard to place business?

    Hello, Long story short. We run an Internet portal which mediates contacts from wholesale companies within pharmacy, gaming, mlm and other unregulated business types to webmasters who have traffic. We would like to offer a complete solution where the webmaster can just connect and get the...
  6. O

    Question Merchant account to sell crypto via p2p platforms. Possible?

    Hello, I've been trading on Localbitcoin for a while normally using personal account, however i would like to set up a company (i'll add another question concerning this) to do it professionally. Business model is simple, i buy at a cheap price on Localbitcoin/paxful/binance p2p and i sell...
  7. pesto

    credit card processing for my business needed?

    I need a credit card processing firm that accept hard to place business, have tried with lot's of payment processors I found on all over places but got rejected by all of them! My business is new, I don't have any statements I make 9000 euro every month in crypto but believe it can go higher if...
  8. JohnLocke

    Stripe Rules That Confuse Business Owners – Requirements Explained in Small Details

    Different OffshoreCorpTalk forum users stick to different online payment platforms – whatever works for them. Then, different platforms come with different terms and conditions. One thread in particular has caught our attention due to the wide discrepancies in opinions and facts. Regarding the...
  9. S

    Question after failure to get a payment processor for USA LLC looking for another option to choose where to form my Dropshipping company?

    so for the last 4 months, i have tried every payment processor in the USA like stripe, Paypal, 2checkout, and shopify payments to get hold of a payment processor account most of them labeled my dropshipping business as high risk and won't give me an account unless I have a utility bill in the...
  10. uplana

    UK LTD and EU citizen, any tax benefit?

    I have wondered if it might pay off for me to set up a company in the UK, get it to invoice all customers, get my Swedish company to invoice the English and then avoid paying Swedish corporation tax. I have with great enthusiasm read the article in mentor group gold which explains all the...
  11. JohnLocke

    Quick Guide To Get Your Offshore Business Up & Running

    If you have ever opened a bank account, you probably know already it takes time, and it requires lots of paperwork. In some countries, you will need to set an appointment, bring bills, proof of address, and so on. Then, you need to wait for approval before getting two separate letters – one with...
  12. JohnLocke

    Find a match for your Payment Processing needs!

    In our continued search to find payment processing facilities we have stumbled upon the below website: https://www.about-payments.com Actually we got reffered it by a payment processor declining our business model, anyway, we completed the form and waited some time to receive some matches, if...
  13. fanban

    Can you tell me about moneytigo?

    I desperately search for a high risk payment processor for my simple business, struggling to find a valid one. googling I found https://www.moneytigo.com They claim to open accounts within 5 minutes to lure merchants into their business I believe it is not the application they can approve that...
  14. fanban

    Experience with Rapyd.net?

    Does someone know anything about this payment processor? https://go.rapyd.net They are on a .NET domain which already raised my first warning lamp.
  15. JohnLocke

    Payment Processors & Merchant Accounts Explained – What To Expect When Signing Up

    PayPal gained some reputation as one of the leading online payment platforms in the world, whether it comes to people making donations, freelancers or companies. There are different types of accounts and lots of options to set everything correctly. However, PayPal has its flaws as well...
  16. lavel

    Anyone has experience with PayDo.com?

    Looking for a valid high risk payment processor and they have approved my business already. My question is, how reliable is this company, they look to be EMI and Merchant account provider in one solution which is not bad at all. What do you think? https://paydo.com/
  17. erni

    SegPay anyone know how reliable they are?

    I have read about Segpay in a few other threads and wonder how good they are and what the costs involved with them? https://segpay.com/solutions.html I can't find any neg. reviews about them that's why I ask the nice community for first hand experience?
  18. dirtyharry

    Secure Teller your thoughts?

    I see SecureTeller advertising here and wonder what you think about this payment provider from Panama? https://www.secureteller.com Can they be trusted?
  19. SoNewToAllShit

    Payment gateway and merchant account or one for high risk?

    I need to know if I need a merchant account and payment gateway or I only need the payment gateway? My business is selling replica and pharmacy, I have two websites which I need new processing for, for some time I used instabill but they suddenly closed my account! Now I'm searching the net...
  20. uplana

    Want to learn how you setup 100% anonymous High Risk Merchant Account?

    For several reasons I'm unable to post a complete description on how to setup a anonymous (110%) high risk (including normal) merchant account. But for those of you that are serious and spend some money to upgrade to mentor group gold I have published a post about what is required and how to...