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  1. lostguy

    Stripe merchant account what company type?

    I want to know what company I have to register or open to apply for a stripe merchant account? Do you have any idea what their requirements are? I don't want a Delaware company if I can avoid it, it's to much trouble to maintain and costly as well.
  2. andreas

    high risk payment processor needed asap

    I'm looking for a high risk payment processor for my pharmacy website. I have been looking all around here and there and Google. It's impossible to find some reliable company that accept pharma business. What I have tried is they seem to be the most legit company for credit card...
  3. hasan2

    Setting up your own Merchant Account

    Merchant Accounts One of the first things to consider when you plan to sell your products or services online is the type of payment methods to offer your customers. For increased sales and to attract a larger section of the market it makes common sense to accept credit card payments. Gone are...
  4. hasan2

    Requirements for accepting credit cards online

    Online sales are big business and these days every website has to offer their customers the chance to pay for goods and services using credit cards, if it wants to meet customer needs. Accepting credit cards is known to increase profits as credit card users are more likely to purchase on impulse...
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