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UK Ltd with emi bank account

Need offshore company + bank account + payment processor account?

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Where can I get all this in one package? If not offshore then I want to look into a low tax jurisdiction like Cyprus, Malta or the UK!

Can somone point me in the irght direction or let me know if I have to do this different?


Depends on different things .
What is the activity, do you need privacy or it s only a tax matter?
UK will not be the lowest juridiction about taxes.
First check with processor Wich jurisdiction is allowed, same with emi's, and then incorporate the company in the right place.

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it depends
for small turnover Gibraltar company+Mypos will work well
Mypos account has bank details with UK IBAN + payment options for website

anyway, if you want to find good payment processors, you need to incorporate in EU


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What business are you into? What's the monthly volume? Is this current running business or new business?


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You want to look into Instabill for your business, they accept the most but check with them which companies they accept.


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hi everybody,

i am looking for a provider where i can make a company + bank account, i am doing events
i ve stepped to SFM but luckily ,i ve read some posts here and declined it ,any suggests? thx


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OP any comment is appreciated in order to get qualified answers ;)
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