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offshore company

  1. mike2222

    Foreign-owned single member LLC has EIN issues....!

    Hi everybody! I got some issues with the EIN of my LLC and need your help how to fix it. The Background story: I am a non-resident alien (from Europe) who formed a single-member LLC in New mexico in January 2024. Everything went smooth until the point where I hired a service provider for the...
  2. krispy

    Understanding the Full Scope of Permanent Establishment Regulations

    Hi, I'm seeking more information on the topic of Permanent Establishment (PE) and its implications. If I am a tax resident of Country A and open an offshore company in Country B, I understand that by law, I must report the ownership of the company in Country B to the authorities in Country A...
  3. ActionMan

    Singapore and Estonia, a good or a bad mix, let's dive in.

    Hello folks, So I was thinking the other day about the possibility of combining a truly tax-free setup with both Singapore and Estonia. Establishing an Estonian company first: Estonian law allows me to reinvest money into new businesses/startups. Opening a Singapore company: By having the...
  4. Propeller

    Where to Register Your Offshore Company in 2024 for Minimal Tax Without Evasion and Guaranteed Privacy?

    In 2024, what's the best jurisdiction to establish an offshore company where I can benefit from low taxation without tax evasion, ensure my personal details remain private, receive expert assistance for annual tax filings, and choose a location with a reputable image that's not labeled as a tax...
  5. flyinglow

    Defining Remittance in Thailand & Living From Offshore Company

    Hey guys, Have been toying with the idea of changing my country of residence from Cyprus to Thailand for a variety of lifestyle and taxation reasons. I understand that there's a lot of uncertainty about the recently announced changes to their tax system, however wanted to ask a couple of...
  6. happyjohn

    Setting Up an Anonymous, Low-Cost Tax-Free Company Globally in 2024 with Minimal Compliance Requirements?

    How can I set up a tax-free company in 2024 in any location worldwide, ensuring anonymity for its owners, with minimal accounting and auditing requirements, and requiring only a small amount of paid-in share capital?
  7. O

    UK LTD or Estonian OU in light of ATAD 3

    Which of those 2 would you recommend for someone looking to set up an offshore company structure (territorial country tax resident here so don't have to worry about european PE rules that make an offshore structure impossible) when it comes to ease of conducting business? Obviously 0% corporate...
  8. Creocree

    Mentor Group Gold - AD Thread! Companies with EMI for sale (100% Anonymous)

    1. UK LTD with EMI + BUSINESS VISA (100% Anonymous) You get: Incorporation documents, UTR number, Memorandum & Articles Scanned nominee documents (Real not fake): Passport + utility bills. European director and shareholder UK phone number, additional KYC available. Available: Additional EMI...
  9. N

    BVI/Nevis yearly costs and checklist

    Hello, I'm looking for a jurisdiction for a holding company. The company would own a Wyoming LLC just to avoid US estate taxes. I would like a cheap jurisdiction with minimum reporting required. I have nothing to hide. I just want to avoid paperwork. Which are the best options? How much...
  10. bluelama

    Questions about anonymous UK LTD for french resident + some kind of Online Banks to store cash for Ecom business.

    Hello everyone, i've been reading since last year but never posted. My question is about how to keep working and generating profits from here (french resident) with a UK LTD. My accountant told me something about the UK gov not communicating with the french gov, and told me it's ok for me to do...
  11. J

    uk resident - what is best country for a ltd co for adsense income

    I am a UK resident and will be earning adsense income (youtube). I am looking to create a company and store the income there, without a need to withdraw it. So just want low or zero corporation tax. Not looking to do anything illegal that will get me banned from adsense. 1. Is it better tax...
  12. F

    Looking For a Shelf Company WITH a Merchant Account

    I'm looking to purchase a offshore company with a merchant account. Please PM me if you have any leads. Thanks :)
  13. L

    Question Setup for offshore solo software dev agency

    Hello, I am 21yo from Morocco currently working as a one-man software dev agency, my yearly income is increasing very fast and I will soon get to 100k$ a year, I mostly work with EU startups. Why NOT Morocco: -Garbage banking options (Max: 1k$ in international spending per year) -High custom...
  14. koohl

    What would be the cheapest way to register a Cyprus company?

    Can anybody explain or tell me where I can register a Cyprus company with Neobank account in EUR the cheapest ? If it works I will need 5 or 10 new companies over the next month (this is beside the UK LTD's I also posted about) - forget the large setup fees of 2000 euro it's not for me. Anyone...
  15. M

    Crypto Trading Using Offshore Singapore\UAE Entity

    Hi, I am an Indian crypto trader and investor looking to establish a company in Singapore because of harsh crypto regulations in India. The main business is to do crypto trading and investment in an Individual capacity. (I will trade using my own crypto funds). I was assessing Dubai but it...
  16. L

    Had any experience with Astra Trust guys?

    Have not found any mentions of the astra-trust.com on the forum. Perhaps, anyone could say anything about them? Something like whether you had any troubles with them or if they are solid.
  17. L

    A reputable offshore shelf company provider

    Hello gentlemen, Could you suggest to me a fine offshore shelf company provider? We do not need to open a bank account. Its primary role is to transfer Intellectual Property. So probably any country would suffice for that as I understand.
  18. boomy

    What are the requirements for an Offshore Company with substance?

    We see so many threads with suggestions to make sure you have "substance" for your company! Is there a bulleted list you could use to specify all the requirements? And what does it cost to set it up in the most popular offshore jurisdictions?
  19. C

    Offshore company with bank account for purchasing crypto and receiving wire transfer payments

    Hi all, I have dual US/Russian citizenship and need help setting up an offshore company/bank account that will deal with both crypto and wire transfer payments. Basically, I will be buying merchandise with crypto and getting paid via wire transfer once said merchandise is sold. In order to...
  20. E

    Question what is the purpose of offshore company?

    Kindly share your experience with us so that we understand it better.