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  1. O

    Moldova non-resident owned LLC company

    Hi everyone, I did some research on Moldova company formation posibilities but my absence of Russian language knowlege decrease an ability to find a proper informations. The main question is: Is it posibble in Moldova to own LLC company as non-resident a have some low-to-zero tax regime when...
  2. M

    Should I keep paying my offshore company formation company?

    Hello everyone, I own an offshore LTD company in Gibraltar, that was incorporated with the help of a company that charges annual fees. My question is simple: why should I keep paying them? Because fees are getting higher year by year (this year more than 600£). I file tax return and accounts...
  3. Velar

    How to ensure management activities happen Offshore?

    Good day OCT community. I'm wondering how to legally establish management in an offshore business but am curious to know how exactly. How does this sound? 1. Assign a nominee director + shareholder 2. Send over proposals pertaining to the management, growth, and development of the...
  4. Velar

    Moving To Switzerland. Best Offshore Company To Open or Structure to use?

    Hi Offshore Corp Talk members. So in the next few years, I'll be moving to Switzerland and become a resident (by marrying my partner). I want to know what's the best way to go about opening an offshore business once I move. I'm wondering: 1. Would it be a good idea to set up an offshore...
  5. W

    Create a more efficient structure

    Hi everyone, I'm going to try my luck on here as there are a few knowledgeable people on the subject. A friend of mine is looking to create a more efficient structure for their business. They are UK resident and have a UK limited company. However, their business is almost exclusively...
  6. Moh1

    European setup Philippines offshore company?

    Is anyone having experience to setup a company in the Philippines? I have been looking at the service provider incorp.asia who say they can help with the setup remote in Philippines and Singapore. https://www.incorp.asia/philippines/ How is taxation there and is UBO public anyway?
  7. Hanshowk

    Offshore company but living in France.

    Hey, I'm looking forward to opening an offshore company in Curacao but I'm living in France and I was wondering how I could give myself a salary ? From what I've seen on the internet if you open an offshore company you can't have a salary in France because you're the owner of it.. Are there any...
  8. R

    UK Tax Resident with LTD – what possible tax savings and structures?

    Straight to the point... Breakdown of the situation: Tax resident in England, UK. EEA passport. Sole shareholder, director, and employee of my limited company. Team of freelancers and virtual assistants helping day-to-day (mostly based in the Philippines). Personally involved, weekly, for high...
  9. Admin

    Full Guide On Why, When & How To Start An Offshore Company

    You may already be familiar with the idea of an offshore company, but the truth is things are a bit more sophisticated than they seem. There is not much to worry about though – a little education will lead you in the right direction. When dealing with certain companies and trying to find out...
  10. orangeye

    How to register offshore company and bank account and where?

    I want to know how it is possible in 2021 to incorporate my business in some offshore jurisdiction where: privacy is granted my name does not show up anywhere minimal accounting minimal to no tax to pay and where it is possible to open a bank account for the company or an EMI. Can someone...
  11. E

    Polish Shelf Company KRS register delay

    Dear all, I purchased as Polish shelf company in the middle of August,wasn't my first one ,but the director I employed wasn't very "professional" and I decided to go with a new agent, cheaper : ( , therefore we failed to open an account the same day so I decided to wait for the KRS register...
  12. sonato

    Bearer shares - is this still applicable for any company setup offshore?

    I'm so new to all of it and foudn the Bearer shares model to be used by some people for companies in Seychelles, Uruguay, Paraguay and even in the BVI it was possible to setup a company with bearer shares! If I understand it correct, "bearer shares are unregistered equity securities owned by...
  13. wavepirates

    Open an offshore bank account as sailor (freelancer)

    Hello, I need an offshore bank account. I went thourgh the business conditions and fees of a few and it seams to be expensive. I dont mind to pay some money to open the bank account, I mean by expensive when you want a Visa card and use this bank account to have a normal live. Im looking for a...
  14. L

    Looking to form Offshore Company.

    I'm a literal newbie so kindly be patient and take me through the whole process. Which country will be best for hosting a company to forward my money to that i'm making through an adult website. And then If possible- legally, send it to a company in India. What documents will i require, how will...
  15. A

    Important! RAK ICC Company Dubai and new rules economic Substance

    Hello dear forum users, FYI: I have a RAK ICC limited company (Offshore) by shares in the UAE and also my company bank account is in Dubai, but I live privately in Asia in a country where income tax only applies if the source of income is in the country, but if the income comes from sources...
  16. H

    Need advice on if Offshore Company is the best option

    Hi folks! I'm looking for some advice. Let me give some context: I do a service online business in Seychelles, nothing illegal. But All clients are foreigners that come for holiday to Seychelles. The money flows from customers that pay online or broker companies that pay on a monthly basis once...
  17. D

    Offshore Company + Bank Account and more...

    Hello there! Im new here. So i want tho start a company for data server hosting with my own name and ip4. And i need a offshore company for this. I have wounder about Nevis, belize and Secyllene. It's important for me that i can use it tho bussines invester deals and partnership whit out...
  18. H

    Ready-made Cyprus company for sale

    All, I have a ready-made Cyprus company for sale. Single shareholder and single director at present. All filings up to date. No business conducted since incorporation. Absolutely clean company. Reason for sale: No longer needed (I’ve now decided to set up my online business in my home country...
  19. Admin

    Now 100,000 post on OffshoreCorpTalk !

    Hello valuable member of OffshoreCcorpTalk, Yesterday we break the 100K post mark on OffshoreCorpTalk, we are happy to see that most of you have had pleasure to post your thoughts, opinions and questions on our forum. We value each and everyone of you and hope you will keep participating...
  20. whattay

    Offshore Company , Corporate Banking Services & Ecommerce Q.

    Hi guys! I have been exploring multiple setup options for a new dropshipping / e-commerce venture and have hit a dead end in terms of choosing the right offshore setup/bank/payment processor. Hoping you guys can help me with some questions. Some information that should help you provide...
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