offshore company

  1. E

    Want to Open an Offshore Company with Bank Account

    Hi, I'm want to open an Offshore Company with Bank Account in any affordable Tax Heaven locations) for accepting online payments for my digital marketing business. The bank should be able to link with Paypal. I want everything to be setup remotely, without personal visit. I am an Indian...
  2. RDidario

    Asking for Sugestion - 45% tax - offshore company?

    Hi guys! I’m wondering if can some one give me a suggestion or advice. I have Brazilian/Italian passport and I live in Spain (tax resident In spain). My wife has Brasilian passport and For her to get a work visa I had to be resident there. I work offshore as a Rov Pilot and is normally around...
  3. J

    Offshore solution for my dropshipping business w. stripe and paypal

    Hi there, I am looking for an offshore structure with low taxes for my e-commerce dropshipping business. My customers are worldwide but most of them are from the US, I would like to find a structure with low taxes and no complicated accounting. I am right now in Europe but my goal is to become a...
  4. happyjohn

    What country would work for company, banking and BTC trading account?

    In your opinion what country would work for a setup like this? I know there are hundred of countries where this could work but where is it easy to setup the company get banking and a BTC trading account for instant with kraken or similar services? The reason for why I ask is that I want to...
  5. alley

    What country is the most anonymous country for offshore company?

    I need to know what country will be the most anonymous country to setup a offshore company for my simple Internet business? I have read about Belize, Seychelles, St. Kitts, Bulgaria and even Malta. All of them fail except Belize which I opened with darks. What is the best way of setting up a...
  6. B

    Offshore company NEEDED for e-business. + merchant account + PP or Stripe

    Hey guys, I am looking for a jurisdiction where to form a new business for tax reasons. Me and my partner are Ukrainians, and my partner is resident in Italy. We are about to launch our online shop (shopify) with jewelry line that will further expand into original clothing. The business is...
  7. K

    What's the best setup for online investing (IB) with offshore corp?

    Hello, I have a particular problem that I believe many have already solved because I read here many of you are already doing the same thing. Basically I want to open a corporate investing account with Interactive Brokers and invest my company money to earn interest. I have a Seychelles IBC...
  8. greenbeans

    Offshore Company Guide?

    I've been searching all over the interest in an attempt to find information regarding a legit offshore company. It seems all that I can find is bits and pieces of information or someone is trying to sell you their method of getting an offshore company which I'm not interested in. I'm a...
  9. blizz

    Need offshore company + bank account + payment processor account?

    Where can I get all this in one package? If not offshore then I want to look into a low tax jurisdiction like Cyprus, Malta or the UK! Can somone point me in the irght direction or let me know if I have to do this different?
  10. P

    Registered company in HK + HSBC bank account

    Hi. I'm selling my company registered in HK (with an HSBC bank account). It's a private limited company registered in March 2013. The main activity is trading of jewelry. It's clean and all audit and renewal fees have been paid for 2019. Please contact me in MP if you are interested. Thanks !
  11. Hanif

    UK citizen Italy resident. Need offshore Co and USD a/c

    Hi, Presently living in Italy. UK Citizen Need a Offshore structure for trading in goods. Goods directly shipped to clients from Factory. No physical movement via Italy. Also require a USD currency bank account. Will be a Self employed person in Italy. Its the best Local advice given to...
  12. The Hun

    Best option for online business conducted from SPAIN

    Hello! I will soon be moving to Spain and I need a recommendation about how to get away as well as possible financially with this background: I work for a Hong Kong company as a freelancer and I am also going to receive some equity from this company. Currently I'm invoicing them as a private...
  13. W

    Best country in 2018 to register an offshore company

    Where is the best country in 2018 to register an offshore company for affiliate marketing (B2B) and that offers the possibility to open a current bank account (not EMI) in one of the SEPA countries without any problems/difficulties? All the clients will be on the EU. It is important to have low...
  14. E

    Mexican shelf company for sale?

    At least 3 years, zero activity, zero debts, does not owe taxes. Having bank account is preferred. Ready to buy!
  15. E

    Looking to buy an aged Mexican company

    Hello, I m interested in buying a shelf mexMexi company with: - 3 years old - no invoices issued - clean history as far as debts and no criminal issues or law suits. - With bank account. Thanks
  16. Wassil

    Hong Kong Company & Cyprus or other offshore bank account

    I have a Hong Kong company registered since 5 years, I'm doing international trading business, can a Hong Kong company have an offshore bank account in cyprus or any other place? Knowing that it's almost impossible to get a Hong Kong and singapore bank account open lately.
  17. X

    Dual citizen need help best combo offshore company + bank account

    Hi, Im a dual citizen of the US & Morocco (have both passports), Im a trader (own money), looking for best combo offshore company + bank account to get advantageous on taxes. Need maximum privacy. Thanks!
  18. Monty Lee

    Dissolve or Let Company Expire?

    Hi, I want to stop using a company that's registered in Cyprus. I'm not sure about what steps to take. My registrar suggests dissolving the company, costs €1200. If I let company expire, they said that registry will strike-off the company in 6 months. Further they wrote: "As the strike-off is...
  19. Jump123

    Newbie - OFFSHORE COMPANY, BANK ACCOUNT and VIRTUAL OFFICES information overload

    Hi, I am a complete newbie to setting up an offshore company and opening an offshore bank account and setting up virtual offices too. I have been trying to research this but there is such an overload of information and amazingly some of the information is also so contradictory too. I have a few...
  20. Jump123

    Best and easiest place for a South African to open an offshore bank account?

    Where is the best and easiest place to open up a bank account and who are the most recommended banks available? It is becoming increasingly more difficult for South Africans to open bank accounts abroad especially if you don't want to attract too much attention. It is not that I am doing...