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What would be the cheapest way to register a Cyprus company?


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Apr 28, 2022
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Can anybody explain or tell me where I can register a Cyprus company with Neobank account in EUR the cheapest ?

If it works I will need 5 or 10 new companies over the next month (this is beside the UK LTD's I also posted about) - forget the large setup fees of 2000 euro it's not for me.

Anyone able to offer something ?

@CyprusLaw @CyprusLawyer101 @CyprusBusiness
Thanks for all the prompt PM's I got from you guys. I consider my options right now and will get back with either more questions or let you know how we move on.
Hey Koohl,
I will PM you.
@CyprusLawyer101 Can you please also send me a pm about the company formation offer?
I am interested in moving to Cyprus and forming a Cyprus Limited company to deliver freelance consulting services. I will serve as the director and pay myself a salary so I can qualify for the 60 day Non-Dom tax residency program.
I already found a house which I will rent from Cypriot landlord starting at the beginning of 2023 (the utitlity bill will be adjusted to my name after my first visit there).
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