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  1. sonato

    Cyprus company and what bank?

    I'm establishing a brand new company in Cyprus, I have rented some office space with utility supply. That would mean the company has substance. What bank would you recommend I'm going with for my company?
  2. metronic

    Cyprus holding + USA LLC

    hey guys, I was wondering how Cyprus would see the income coming from a USA LLC. would it be seen as dividends or as dividends or as a regular (salary) income? if so, would Cyprus holding company owning the USA LLC help with that? (since the holding would own the company the profits would go to...
  3. metronic

    Cyprus salary and dividends

    hey guys, on of the fb groups I'm in I saw someone post this in and I am curious to see if anyone here has any experience about it. here's his message: personally I never heard of anyone having these issues, personally I think that most people there would pay themselves in dividends on top of...
  4. metronic

    Croatia - Cyprus withholding tax

    hello, as I mentioned in my other post I am currently a resident of Cyprus and have a company here. I want to start a business in Croatia (a branch / subsidiary of my Cyprus company) with my friend who is a citizen and a resident there and would be employed so company would be a resident there...
  5. metronic

    dividends from Croatia to Cyprus

    hey guys, I just recently moved to Cyprus and became a non dome here. I was looking at tax treaties since I own a company in Croatia with my friend. I was surprised that Cyprus doesn’t have a tax treaty with them but it is what it is. my question is if I am paid dividends from the Croatian...
  6. metronic

    EU bank account for Cyprus resident company

    Hey everyone, I run a social media marketing platform and am currently a non dom in Cyprus with my LTD also being a resident here. I have a few EMIs but I also heard some have bank accounts for their Cyprus company in other EU countries. I am wondering what the process and requirements are to...
  7. L

    Moving to Cyprus as EU citizen

    Hi I am a new member here and would like to get some advice in regards to the below: I am a Belgian citizen and have lived outside EU since 2007 in New Zealand where I was employed in the yachting industry. Post COVID I am looking at emigrating back to EU preferably Cyprus to live there and...
  8. R

    Question Cyprus Company for Non-EU (?)

    I'm an Australian citizen who has been living in Germany on a self-employed/freelancer visa for the last 5 years. I was planning to incorporate in Cyprus but it seems that it is more difficult than I thought as I'm non-EU. My goal is to find an EU solution that 1) allows me to save on taxes and...
  9. jakonda

    Cyprus to publish ultimate beneficial owner list of its money offshore accounts

    According to Reuters Cyprus is planing to launch a register in coming months identifying the owners of companies on the island, this is un-freaking-believable. Would love to hear comments from esteemed colleagues from offshorecorptalk...
  10. metronic

    Cyprus resident and company

    good evenings guys, I am moving to Cyprus in the next 2 weeks and I wanted to see what banking options I have as a Cyprus resident and with a Cyprus company. I read that a few Swiss banks will take you with a personal account if you can pay the deposit but the one I am more skeptical about it...
  11. metronic

    CY resident + Romania micro company

    hello guys, I am in the process of moving to Cyprus this month and I was wondering about the Romanian micro business as it suits my business and the talent pool I need for it. I wanted to ask about cfc rules in Cyprus that could apply to it. I would have a company in Cyprus as a holding...
  12. metronic

    Question Dividends as non dom in cyprus

    Hello, i am currently in the process of moving to cyprus (myself and my business of course) and i was informed about the non don status. I understand companies pay 12.5% on corporate level and then the non dom receives tax free dividends. Does that include if you business is in cyprus and you...
  13. NetShop ISP

    Cyprus Web Hosting from €3.5/month [BLACK FRIDAY EXCLUSIVE]

    Our BLACK FRIDAY Exclusive Offer for the OffshoreCorpTalk community continues and is valid until Monday, 30th of November 2020! HURRY UP! Get Cyprus Web Hosting with FREE cPanel and Cyprus IP Address from just €3.5 per month! Cyprus cPanel Lite 1GB Disk Space 3GB Monthly Bandwidth Free...
  14. D

    Social Insurance in Cyprus (Hidden Cost?)

    Hi guys, I am a UK citizen and run a digital marketing agency here in the UK (UK registered company). I have decided to move to Cyprus full-time in a few months and re-register my business as a Cyprus-registered company to take advantage of the 12.5% corporation tax plus 0% tax on dividends (I...
  15. brownham

    Cyprus company + Cyprus bank account how and where?

    I want the Cyprus company and the Cyprus bank account. I don't want to pay corporate tax if I can avoid it. Can you some tell me how I can do this fast and uncomplicated? What is the price for a complete setup and what company can help me to setup the company in Cyprus?
  16. I'mRobot

    What happen if you don't charge VAT but you are obligated to do?

    I consider to register a EU company i.e. Cyprus, Malta, Ireland or Scotland I'm not sure at all where only doing research while we speak. I read that I have to charge VAT to my customers when I sell something online!! What will happen if I don't do that will anyone come after me? Do you know...
  17. K

    Cyprus Company... what does it cost?

    Hello folks! I will be opening a Cyprus company within short. I get paid royalties by a US company which makes Cyprus perfect thanks to the tax treaty with the US, so no withholding tax. For this reason, my company will be a onshore copmany at Cyprus, I will not live there however. Because...
  18. myoffshoreliving

    Whispered Tax Haven Cyprus Secrets

    In the past 30 decades, Cyprus Law Firm has developed into a distinguished international company and financial center as a result of very favorable tax regime the island offers. Foreign buyers demand impacts the neighborhood population whose income isn't competitive to the international market...
  19. happyjohn

    The Basics of Cyprus Holding Company

    Top Choices of Cyprus Holding Company Flash sale is the most recent business byword within the American e-retail sector. It classifies inventory items with regards to importance. This is done so as to sell a merchandise or support. This is an important step within the growth of any company and...
  20. Admin

    Will Cyprus Incorporation Be Right for Your Needs?

    If you’re interested in setting up an offshore company, but you’re not quite sure where to seek out incorporation for your new firm, you’ll discover that Cyprus offers superlative advantages. We are proud to offer Cyprus formation to our valued clientele. Our team has years of skill and...
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