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  • Hi, we are two partner looking for the full package company + non-dom residency, can you pm me how to contact you please? Thank you
    interested in opening bank in Cyprus and purchasing real estate. Can you send me your contact details?
    Hello, referring to my thread on: EMI Request [UBO source of funds]
    The EMI in question is Black Thorn. Do you think we can disclose that the payment for the structure & services was made in crypto? The client may be open to sharing the transaction screenshots but this is our first experience with BT so we aren't so sure how open we can be in terms of full disclosure.
    Hello CyprusLawyer101,

    I have a Cyprus Ltd and I'm genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of a Maltese resident non-domiciled setup. Could you please provide me with your contact details so that I can get in touch with you to discuss this matter further? I appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.
    Hi, are you able to open/introduce for opening a personal non-resident bank accounts in Mauritius? If so, please PM me. Thank you!
    Hello, I am based in Portugal under NHR regime and I am looking for the best jurisdiction to set up my company in order to optimize taxes. I saw people mentioning Cyprus as a viable option, and your name is brought up often as an expert in the field. I don't have the option to send you a direct message, so if you think this is something you can help with, I would appreciate it if you DM me. Thanks!
    Hi there,

    I am looking to setup banking with ABC Banking Corporation in Mauritius for my RAKICC company in UAE, I heard you are a registered agent and may be able to help me with this?

    Any chance you could send me a PM with information regarding this?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    Best Regards,
    Hi, I want to sell my company - 10 years of trading (last 1y dormant). CY resident, VAT trading for 10y (annually on average 70-80k revenue). All years audited. Carry applicable losses in 2023 around35k. If interested, message
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