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offshore account

  1. wavepirates

    Open an offshore bank account as sailor (freelancer)

    Hello, I need an offshore bank account. I went thourgh the business conditions and fees of a few and it seams to be expensive. I dont mind to pay some money to open the bank account, I mean by expensive when you want a Visa card and use this bank account to have a normal live. Im looking for a...
  2. O

    Personal Bank account in offshore or anywhere but not EU

    Hi there, I'm thinking about having a separate bank account for some flows of money which are not that white. I would tell grey. The source of the funds is EU companies, though I want to get a personal bank account not in Europe. Heard about ex-Yugoslavia as a great place, but most of the...
  3. M

    Has anyone ever tried this provider ? I'm intending to order a company formatìn + offshore merchant account. Thanks a lot
  4. D

    Need advise for offshore + merchant account

    Hello, I have a business operating from Mexico, but we want to avoid paying such high taxes that we pay in Mexico and go offshore. We are a software as a service business... We automate sales outreach for b2b companies. I have been struggling to know what and where to incoporate since we find...
  5. D

    Looking for best way to receive money

    Hello guys nice to meet you. This is my case and I hope I could find the best options with your experiences or your knowledge. I'm a digital marketer (doing blackhat) I'm based in Mexico I need to receive international transfers with the following payment methods: SWIFT PAYPAL BITCOIN My...
  6. Gediminas

    Premium Advertising Partner Offshore bank accounts and Cards with high spending limits!

    Given our experience and good relationships with various financial institutions around the globe, I can not only introduce you to the best financial institution for your needs but also lead you through the process of opening a bank account. Business / Personal Bank Account Opening Bank account...
  7. G

    standar package enough for a dropshipping website?

    hi, im intristed in creating an offshore company since im planning to start dropshipping websites, but its so exspensive, is the standar package agents sell for 750usd, enough? do i need like Apostille, and Director & Nominee Service ? were will my mail to my company be sent? can i have my...
  8. B

    Offshore company and bank account for doing business with EU companies

    I am individual from eastern europe which wants to open/buy offshore company with bank account so I can send invoices to companies(from my country and within EU) I currently work with but I'm not totaly sure which country to choose. So the currently I have a contract with my employee and I am...
  9. S

    Offshore Account for US Corp with Gaming Income

    Hello to all readers, I'm a new member of this forum and came across it during my search for an offshore bank account. Our situation is as follows: - US Corporation is incorporated - US Corporation is held by EU Citizens - Income is through licensed gaming/gambling affiliate commission income...
  10. E

    Want to Open an Offshore Company with Bank Account

    Hi, I'm want to open an Offshore Company with Bank Account in any affordable Tax Heaven locations) for accepting online payments for my digital marketing business. The bank should be able to link with Paypal. I want everything to be setup remotely, without personal visit. I am an Indian...
  11. B

    Real estate investing, offshore, tax,buying properties from offshore

    First of all, sorry for my broken English. I own 2 single family homes as investment properties on my own name. My goal is to get as many investment properties i can and as income will increase, also my tax. I really legally to avoid paying taxes. Or, at least to pay taxes as the law require...
  12. G

    Help for new offshore setup (with a tricky part)

    Hello, my clients are mostly in Germany & I need an easygoing setup. I am in the field of Online Marketing and SEO, therefore about 30-50 incoming transactions per month - what combination/setup do you guys recommend in this case: - Offshore Company (Ltd, etc..) with no accounting - remote...
  13. W

    Offshore Formation For Financial Services (Digital Service / product)

    Hi all, I've been looking into setting up an offshore company for a business I'm currently setting up. I will be selling market analysis to subscribers on a monthly (or annual) fee. We will also provide courses in the feature. The monthly fee will be $197, the courses will be around $ 3.997...
  14. MrTony

    Ukrainian banks for offshore companies

    Have anybody tried to open an account at Ukrainian banks for offshore companies (Belize, Seychelles, St. Vincent and the Grenadines)? There are some not-local owned banks, like Ukrsibbank (BNP Paribas), Kredobank (PKO Bank Polski), Credit Agricole (Credit Agricole Groupe), Alfa Bank Ukraine...
  15. T

    Looking for advice on offshore business creation

    Hi all! I am very new to this and not finding the information that I need in my search, so I figured I would try posting. I welcome any feedback and/or advice. I have a short term rental business (LLC) that takes place on the Airbnb platform. Currently, I have 13 listings in the state of...
  16. Teamplayer

    How fast Can an Offshore Corp and bank be Opened realistically?

    Hello i provide consultancy services and looking into was to have a separate legal entity for myself. In the form of a corporation with undisclosed directors and with a business bank account . preferably in an English speaking country. what would be the Best countries to look into ? Can this...
  17. J

    Offshore Bank that works with PayPal (2018)

    Hi! I'm a European citizen but living in Asia. I work mainly online and get paid on PayPal. However, I can’t withdraw to my local bank because I’m a foreigner in the country I live in. I need a bank where I can withdraw my money from PayPal. I should be able to use it to confirm my BUSINESS...
  18. Dubsize

    Reviews about rtrsupportslimited

    hi all, Found this website surfing the internet : Offshore Company & Bank Account Setup, Merchant Account Services They claim they can open a bank account in the U.K for Corp. Anyone has experience with them ? Thanks
  19. A

    Singapore Offshore Bank Account

    Any idea for Singapore Offshore Bank Accounts? Requirements and all
  20. blizz

    Need offshore company + bank account + payment processor account?

    Where can I get all this in one package? If not offshore then I want to look into a low tax jurisdiction like Cyprus, Malta or the UK! Can somone point me in the irght direction or let me know if I have to do this different?
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