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  1. I

    Offshore company in Bulgaria/US residents/ dual citizens in Serbia/tax questions

    Hello everyone! So, I am in the process to find international tax consultant (so hard to find a good one), but in the meantime, is some of you familiar with these questions? Also, feel free to recommend some tax consultant (International or in Bulgaria) who may be able to answer these questions...
  2. O

    Question INTRODUCTION - bank account opening

    Hello everybody! I'm new here, so I decided to say “Hi” and how I can be useful :) I have a substantial experience in financial consulting industry, especially in: - Company formation and corporate support in EU countries; - Bank introductions for EU/CIS region clients: • business...
  3. J

    Offshore company

    So I have a question let’s say I have a online business that roughly makes 50.000$ Profit a month and I really don’t like how high the tax is where am from. Could I register my online business in example Panama where you don’t have to pay tax and send it to a offshore account. And would this be...
  4. J

    Cash out to offshore bank account

    Hey I would like to cash out my bitcoins and send them to a offshore bank account (no kyc if possible) does anyone have any experience?
  5. J

    Non official business money

    Let’s say I earn 50.000$ from a non official business like something I do in my free time could be anything. And I would like to deposit that money into the bank with low tax how would you do that?
  6. S

    Question Offshore Banking, what countries and companies to use?

    I have been doing lots of research but figured I'd ask here for some references. I am looking for a country to open up a business + bank account overseas to help save on taxes for my USA business. I am looking for a country that: 1) Does not tax property or capital gains taxes for the business...
  7. K

    Please help - Setup of Forex Brokerage in South Africa

    Hi All, I am fairly new to this and any help would be greatly appreciated, I would like to apologize beforehand as i am asking for help on my first post. Background: I am setting up an FX brokerage on South Africa with a few Shareholders, with my steak being 51%. The trading company is set up...
  8. Dread Pirate Roberts

    Buying property with an offshore shell company

    Hello. I'm a bit new to all this offshore stuff, but I'm planning on opening an offshore shell company in Belize or Seychelles, and I'd like to know if I could buy property with them? For example, could I anonymously buy a house with my shell company's name here in America? Same thing with cars...
  9. M

    American offshore bank account for non-US citizens

    Hi, After spending hours searching the threads on here, I would like to ask in this new post please: 1) Has anyone made a list of American banks where non-US citizens can open a bank account online without visiting America? A list would be nice as I am sure each bank will have some tiny...
  10. infinitegang

    compte offshore resident français

    Hello, I am a French resident and I want to open an offshore bank account what website can you advise me to create a bank account and which is reliable to receive transfers of large sums of money from French people thank you
  11. Annissa V

    Have you ever work with DSBC Financial Group?

    Hey gals, I looking for a payment institution that offer an offshore account in SEPA group, Google suggest the DSBC Financial Group. Have any of you guys know about this company? Experience to open an account, their service, etc. Anything related are welcome to share. I would love to heard about...
  12. jaxop

    offshore bank account that accepts third party transfers

    Hi, So stuck in Sweden (I am a citizen) since January due to covid-19. Lived 12 years in Singapore prior to that so I hold a lot of assets overseas as well as receiving small dividends from some investments semi regularly. None of my Swedish personal bank accounts wants to accept my third party...
  13. R

    Bank account with no CRS exchange information for offshore company?

    Hello guys, Regarding non crs banks for offshores (BVI, Belize, Seychelles,..) as I know we have only available to be open on remote: Puerto Rico (EPB Bank), Georgoria, Serbia and Montenegro? Do we have any other solution that is possible to open it on remote and which I did not mention? As...
  14. Dread Pirate Roberts

    How can I exchange large amounts of Monero for cash?

    Thanks to some luck and some work, I'm going to be receiving a large sum of Monero soon. I've been wondering, is it possible for me to get cash in exchange for it somewhere? I know that cryptocurrency ATMs exist, and I have no problem converting said Monero to Bitcoin. I'd prefer any method I...
  15. wavepirates

    Open an offshore bank account as sailor (freelancer)

    Hello, I need an offshore bank account. I went thourgh the business conditions and fees of a few and it seams to be expensive. I dont mind to pay some money to open the bank account, I mean by expensive when you want a Visa card and use this bank account to have a normal live. Im looking for a...
  16. O

    Personal Bank account in offshore or anywhere but not EU

    Hi there, I'm thinking about having a separate bank account for some flows of money which are not that white. I would tell grey. The source of the funds is EU companies, though I want to get a personal bank account not in Europe. Heard about ex-Yugoslavia as a great place, but most of the...
  17. M

    Has anyone ever tried this provider ? I'm intending to order a company formatìn + offshore merchant account. Thanks a lot
  18. D

    Need advise for offshore + merchant account

    Hello, I have a business operating from Mexico, but we want to avoid paying such high taxes that we pay in Mexico and go offshore. We are a software as a service business... We automate sales outreach for b2b companies. I have been struggling to know what and where to incoporate since we find...
  19. D

    Looking for best way to receive money

    Hello guys nice to meet you. This is my case and I hope I could find the best options with your experiences or your knowledge. I'm a digital marketer (doing blackhat) I'm based in Mexico I need to receive international transfers with the following payment methods: SWIFT PAYPAL BITCOIN My...
  20. Gediminas

    Premium Advertising Partner WE CAN HELP to open bank account for your high-risk industry business or build the whole corporate structure

    EU bank accounts | Offshore bank accounts | High-Risk payment processing | VISA cards Given our experience and good relationships with various financial institutions around the globe, I can not only introduce you to the best financial institution for your needs but also lead you through the...
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