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For many years I have been using this company NMI Payment Gateway, they are one of the most interesting providers around with the endless ADD ons and API's for integration into almost anything you can think of.

You must find a MAP in order to work with them, however, you can also go the other way around, you simply call them (pick up the phone) and speak with them about what you are doing and what you are looking for.

They have the world wide largest network for acquiring banks and ISO's you can think of.

It's a free hint to all of you.


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What is exactly the problem that they are trying to solve? and what are they are trying to achieve?

Who can work with them and who are their target audience?

how is the onboarding process? and what kind of Questions/documents do they ask?

I found that they own credit call, so does that mean is that they have some sort of unified payment solutions?
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