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We run a educational/consulting business on the stock market in Canada. Its been a real pain trying to find a merchant account ever since Striped kicked us off after a year for being too "high-risk" for them. And there's not so many high-risk merchants that support a Canadian business let alone ours. And please no processors that hold money for long periods of time.

If there is anyone that can get us out of this situation wed be very grateful ! Cheers.


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100k a year, and worldwide mostly USA clients. Were going to need that name now. As were not interested in unknown merchants. thanks


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The problem you may face in your current situation is that your business activity may be considered high risk with most regular payment processors and for that reason you will only have the less respected processors left.

Have you looked into a solution with your local bank if they are able to help you with a merchant account?

Otherwise there may be instabill, websitebilling and a few more that you consider to approach.


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I agree with the processors already posted here. I think what @Admin means is you have to Google the forum to find more payment processors. Personally I'm sure it will give you some relevant hits.

So I checked the list of trusted service providers in his signature and there is one there I believe that can help if everything else fail.

Did you check with Durango Merchant services?


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100k$ a year not too much. Have you tried Payoneer "Payment Request" via card payment by email invoice?

It's simple just click on Payment request from inside your payoneer account, enter the customer/client names,
tel, address and email. and he does not need to create a Payoneer account. He just need to click on the invoice
that will be sent by payoneer and enter his/her card details and send the payment. Its roughly 48hrs for the funds
to be deposited into your payoneer and be available for withdrawal


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How long of processing history do you have? And, what is your chargeback ratio? Most high risk processors will ask for rolling reserve.
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